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Poc Network // Tech is a recognized and frequently visited means of information for gadget and A/V lovers searching for news, opinions, reviews, tutorials and video content. We have video teams that frequent various events to capture new and exciting information about what tomorrow holds, great new products and where to find it all. Related materials include general gadgets, professional and consumer audio/video, mobility, smart automation, science, security tips, space, green technologies, energy storage, web technologies and more.

Our editors provide a broad range of material for both print and digital (online) publications, distributed via many solutions/platforms, including multiple editorials and subsidiaries that we manage directly, as well as partner publishers that was submit content to such as Mobile Nations and AVTechnology Magazine.

We hope you find our articles to be enlightening and educational; and we always welcome feedback.

Meet the Team!

James Hrenak Jr
Senior Editor/Host
Michael Evans
Video Director/Editor
Jeffrey Bridges
Designer/Editor/Product Review Lead
Sheffey Cappiello
Video Producer/Utility
Lauren Rasmussen
Ryan Sanders
Designer/Editor/Product Review Lead
Tracy Phillis
Shane Macri
Robert Grant
Staff Writer
Jodie Taylor
Media Assistant
Jennifer Tiatro
Media Assistant
Tiffany Burris

Commonly asked Q&A!

Can you review our product?

We can’t guarantee anything as there are a lot of requests that come in daily via mail and online. We can however say that we will always be happy to read your request and consider it as long as it fits within the criteria of what we discuss. We are obviously a tech/gadget editorial both locally and through our online and print partners. To get an idea of what we cover, feel free to browse around and explore the products and services we have written about. If you feel your product fits right in, never hesitate to ask. You can contact us via the “Get a Product Reviewed” page. Please make sure to send as much detailed information about your product as possible. If anything needs to be mailed to our office physically, we will can provide you with the department address.

Can I pay you to review our product?

No. We do not take “under the table” or official funds in exchange for articles ran on your product or service. All of our opinion pieces are exactly that (our own opinions and discoveries). We do this so that we can provide accurate information to our readers. We do/can however, include affiliate links to your products (regardless of the outcome of a review), since the website and authors do need their bills paid at the end of the day. We cannot however accept any profit that could result in a biased view. Samples sent in the mail will either be donated or given away to our readers via contest (unless they aren’t yet market-ready).

We can however accept deals for ad sales for various ad “spots” (ie, banners) on the website. These spots are not related to any articles or print and are solely for the additional sponsorship funding of the site and parent company. In order to avoid any conflict of interest, the editorial team does not handle these negotiations. We can provide you with the information of who you can talk to.

Can I use the contact section to ask troubleshooting questions about something I have purchased somewhere?

Although we do respond to some of these emails as they come in (and they do frequently), we can’t guarantee that we are going to respond to you as we are an editorial team, not a tech support company. Although we wish that we can solve all the problems in the world, we simply do not have the amount of staff to accomplish this (nor the superhero tights, which would make things interesting). We always recommend asking the manufacturer of the product (or store you purchased it from), before anything else.

Our editors do actively monitor the comments and chatter within our articles and try their very best to interact where most needed. So never hesitate to ask a question on our articles directly. You may even have an opinion of your own you’d like to share.

Do you directly sell the products you review?

No. We believe that would cause a conflict of interest. We do provide links to online stores and companies where you can find such discussed items. We do not sell any of the discussed items locally on the site.