Author: Ken Kurtz

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He's an author, a production supervisor, a programmer, a security specialist, and a musician. He is also a tech enthusiast as well as a long list of other things. We can go on all day about Ken, but in the end, he is rock star who doesn't get enough credit in life.

Companies (like Netgear) have been rushing to the scene with new Wi-Fi 7 technologies these last few months, delivering lightning-fast solutions for both the home and business environments. Multi-gig speeds are now capable via wireless, just as they are wired. Allowing users to build out some of the most robust networks ever. With so many new technologies hitting the market that put your connection to the test, these solutions will be answering a call like no other. Including breakthroughs in VR, AI, heavy cloud content such as Xbox Game Pass, and more. All within price points that users are familiar…

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When we received the Seagull Pro from Aiper, we couldn’t wait to put it to the test. We had a great discussion with the company earlier this year at CES 2023 where we got to see the robot hard at work, but confined to a small controlled acrylic space filled with water. Now, we finally get to see how it performs in a real-world environment. After reading the manual for best use, we realized that the pool we chose to test it in was not actually ideal for the Seagull Pro. The manual, specifically states that Seagull Pro is most…

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