Author: Sherri Cleveland

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Sherri is an avid traveler and tech enthusiast with a strong appreciation for the outdoors, and an even stronger appreciation for her best friend (and canine) Riley who gets to proudly experience it all by her side. She spends her time as a traveling author mixing her passions together while exploring this great country and sharing the results with readers like you.

The Paby Pet Tracker is a cute little unit shaped like a bowtie, that comes in 5 different color schemes, you can choose one to fit your pet’s personality, from a feminine design to a more masculine theme. It arrives in it’s own collapsible pet dish with a plastic cover, which is great if you and your best friend are avid hikers. I love the little magnetic charging cord, it snaps right onto the bottom of the tracker, no need to fumble around for your glasses to find the port here, with the magnet you just need to be in…

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