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#Contest! Win the LifeTrak Zone R420 fitness tracking watch


Once again, it is time for more free stuff! Would you be interested in getting your hands on a free fitness tracking watch from LifeTrak? Well then let’s cover how easy it is. We are giving away the Zone R420 watch (MSRP $99.99) that we covered in our review here. There are multiple ways of entering and the first is can’t get any easier.

The following are ways to gain an entry (one entry each, per person, for a total of 3 entries possible):

  • Follow us anywhere! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and so many other locations. As long as you’re following us, you have an entry.
  • You will see a post about this contest on those networks. Share it or retweet it with your friends and you will gain a bonus entry!
  • On any network, create an update/post that says “#LifeTrak is awesome and I want to win the R420 watch! @contest”–and you will gain another entry!

That makes three entries! Easy right? So make sure you are following us. You can follow us on one network or follow us on all of them! You will only get one entry total for a follow, but you never know when we might announce a promotion on one of the networks, so why not follow us everywhere? I’ll leave that one to you.

To win the watch you do not have to be in the US. I know that sometimes these promotions are US-only, but this one is open to the world. Even Iceland! I say that because I don’t think we have ever received an entry from Iceland before. So if you know anyone from Iceland, tell them we want to hear from them! You do have to be at least 18 years old to win!

We will gather up all the usernames and entries and select a random winner this Thursday, March 31st–and will contact them either by email or private message via the network linked to their entry with how to claim their prize.

Good luck!


Update: Congratulations to Monica H. for winning the LifeTrak Zone R420 fitness tracking watch!


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