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Ready Player One from book to movie, coming 2018 (Comic Con)


One of the most anticipated events at Comic Con 2017 was Warner Bros’ panel, where they announced all of the latest WB titles coming to theaters, including the new Blade Runner, the DC universe and Ready Player One. The latter of these raised the roof as the audience made enough noise to resonate across the floor we were standing on. All it required was the logo to appear on the screen, and the rest was history. \

Ready Player One is by far, one of the greatest future dystopian science fictional fantasies ever to be written. On par with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the author (Ernest Cline) delivered a story that was quickly absorbed by nearly ever reader that picked it up.

Filled with nostalgic references to 80’s geek culture, the book takes you deep into a world where VR (virtual reality) touches the lives of nearly every citizen, from dating, to jobs, to all levels of social communication, and of course gaming. The man who created this VR world passes away, opening a massive treasure hunt to players and corporation alike, all seeking to gain his fortune. Think of it as something similar to Dot Hack or Sword Art Online meets Willy Wonka.

Already popular among fans of this genre, the book grew even quicker among the masses when it was picked up by Loot Crate in 2015 and sent out to all of their subscribers. This is in fact how we came across it and fell in love with it.

Soon after is was absorbed by the masses, Hollywood jumped at a deal, looking to turn it into a movie, and snagged the legendary Steven Spielberg to direct it. Debuted here at Comic Con 2017, the trailer is now available and ready for your consumption. You can find both this and Spielberg’s response to how he reacted to being approached to direct such a film right here, just below (along with a few images from the events).

The movie itself will be releasing next year (2008) in March, where it will hopefully do such a great book some justice.


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