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The Ultimate Guide to what was Comic Con 2016 with Marvel, DC and more


Last week was a time to get your geek on with one of the nation’s largest comic and fan expos. You would never think that you could fit so many people into one building until you stepped foot into the San Diego Comic Con. You know the fire marshal definitely had his or her limits put to the test.

Now one of the hardest conventions to gain access to, they offer what can be called an online lottery where fans register to eventually wait in virtual online waiting rooms hoping to get their hands on a single day to a full pass. The sheer number of people who rush to take their chances are so high, the odds of you actually getting in can be a little rough. We know friends and family that haven’t gone in 5-6 years because of it.

Thankfully we were able to send one of our own to cover the con and bring you some highlights and mentions worth noting. The person being me, so I am quite excited to be the one to do this as I have spent many years attending the con personally in the past.

As always, the exhibit halls were completely filled with fans and professionals swarming around to learn about the latest in today’s comic, book, film, game, toy apparel and collectible industries. So many dressed as their favorite characters, with a heavy focus on Pokemon as the new ‘Pokemon Go!’ mobile game has done so well to capture the hearts of so many. So many Pokemon costumes running around as those not showing with cosplay spend their time roaming the streets trying to ‘catch them all’ with their phones.

All of your favorite brands, publishers, stores and more filled the exhibit floor isle-ways with an endless amount of content to discover, demo, discuss and buy.

So many talented artists filled the rows of Artist Alley where fans can buy prints and other work as well as commission artists for custom works and more. These artists are well known for their own unique work as well as their involvement in notable industry names such as DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek and more. Popular names such as Deryl Skelton and Franchesco, offering their most popular designs. Some of the largest names like Alex Ross with booths promoting all of their work, spread throughout the exhibit floor outside of Artist Alley.

The breakout rooms, ballrooms and giant halls filled with attendees as major companies like Marvel, DC, Warner Bros and more, show off all of what’s to come in both TV and movies. There was plenty of cast members, directors, producers, writers and more; where fans could line up behind microphones and interact with.

We will break down a few of the larger highlights and share with you some of the things they announced and premiered that guided the audience into a sea of praise and tears of excitement. From photos to the highly praised trailers themselves. Buckle up and get ready for some excitement!

Warner Bros: Conan O’Brien took the stage as moderator as Warner and DC teamed up to bring fans all of what’s to come in the DC universe to the big screen along with some of the cast from each topic of discussion. Along with a premier showing of the new Wonder Woman trailer, fans were introduced to the awesomeness that Wonder Woman will bring when the new movie releases along with Q&A. The trailer was amazing as they really nailed the character giving her the perfect introduction into the series as they inch towards the Justice League. How she reflects a giant shell with her shield was simply chilling as she rushes onto the battlefield and welcomes the world to such a strong female hero.

The trailer sent the crowd wild and filled them with inquiry that they shared with the cast. Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, is an absolutely beautiful woman who seems to have done such a perfect job with portraying the character. It’s about time that Wonder Woman has made it to the big screen, and it appears to be no better way of accomplishing it.

Warner also brought out the director and cast of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie for some highlights on what to expect and discussion with the cast. Another great movie to come and a cast that seems to have worked very well with each other. Also a new approach for Will Smith since his new character isn’t exactly G-rated.

Then of course there is some of the biggest news that DC fans have been waiting to hear more about since Marvel beat them to the punch with the the Avengers — and done so well if I may say. Warner and DC announced and finally shared some video for the upcoming gathering of all of DC’s favorites, the Justice League. Including, finally, Aquaman’s long-awaited arrival to the big screen. So much better than the pilot they aired some years ago in an attempt to make a teen-targeted TV series that failed miserably, Aquaman is DC’s visual answer to Marvel’s Thor (only this one talks to the fish). Instead of a teenager running around in tighty-whities, Aquaman is a burly bad-ass who is ready to get things done with the rest of them (with a little added sarcasm from the team of course).

With that explained, let’s take a look at that awesome trailer!

Now let’s just hope they pieces things together right so that the Justice League has an exciting future just as the Avengers has had so far. This teaser trailer was a great way to get the crowed going, especially since it wasn’t listed as one of the topics to be discussed in the panel description (although everyone expected there to be something brought up since the movie is in development). Ben Affleck seems to be doing pretty well in portraying Batman.

It’s going to be a little bit of a wait as the Justice League won’t reach us until November of next year (2017).

Warner didn’t stop there as they continued to announce things to come such as Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps and obviously Aquaman. Nothing outside of logos and graphics could be shared so no videos just yet.

Warner also shared some discussion with the cast for Kong: Skull Island and the new King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, the Lego Batman Movie, but finished with one last final trump card, J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Eddie Redmayne took to the stage with all of the rest of the movie’s cast with a highly interactive discussion about the new movie which included the handing out of exclusive wands to every member in the audience, which obviously really got the audience going. By far, the Warner Bros panel was one of the top events that went down at the con this year.

Marvel: Marvel also broke out the big cards to discuss some of the upcoming movies we get to look forward to. Their panel consisted of a very large collection of cast starting with the upcoming Black Panther movie where Chadwick Boseman stepped onto stage with some of his closest cast members. The movie doesn’t come out until 2018 and they don’t have any video to share just yet, but they introduced the other cast and what to expect when the movie draws closer.

Then it was time to lower the lights, set off the fog machines and kick off a lot of video effects as they gave Benedict Cumberbatch a grand entrance where they then welcomed the rest of the lead cast of Doctor Strange and discussed the upcoming movie along with a new trailer and sneak footage of his first meeting of the ‘ancient one’ that led to his plea for her to teach him. The latter was indeed exclusive to the con and will not be listed here, but here is the new trailer they premiered:

Yet again, another wonderful looking movie that raises a lot of expectations. The movie is set to release November 4th, 2016 later this year.

Marvel brought the cast of next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming movie out onto stage for discussion along with an exclusive peak of what they have been filming thus far with a trailer-like delivery. The video hasn’t been released outside of the con just yet, so we have nothing to share with you. We can however tell you that the movie does look great and hopefully will finally provide the appropriate Marvel magic that Spidey needs to be able to start breaking into the other movies with, like he did on the Avengers. Not that the past movies weren’t enjoyable in their own ways.

Then they decided to venture into the fantastic realm of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 and brought everybody out onto stage, including Michael Rooker who plays Yondu, who has joined the gang in this amazing looking sequel. The announcement began with the gruesome looking grunts from the new movie making their way through the crowd before they came onto stage acting out. That was when the cast was invited to the stage. Kurt Russell is introduced with the new movie, making a grand entrance as Star-Lord’s father.

They shared footage from the movie that showed Yondu joining the cause and rocking his favorite flying arrow as it took out a bunch of baddies. Baby Groot was a tiny little thing with an innocent look to him until he goes total beast-mode and brought the hurt on his enemies…in the cutest way possible of course. Kurt Russell’s entrance as ‘Ego the Living Planet’ in human form was great. Yet again, the new movie should take audiences on an exciting journey as the Guardians blast their way across the galaxy.

The trailer has not yet been released as the director, James Gunn, announced that the trailer isn’t exactly in finished form just yet. It’s close, but the movie is still in its early form and not ready for mass viewing. James describe himself as a perfectionist and shared that the footage shared at Comic Con “is not something that I nor Marvel are comfortable with being out there and standing up to repeated viewings. The visual effects just aren’t finished. If I do something, I want to do it 100% correctly.”

The new movie will rock a whole new soundtrack filled with well-selected classic tracks just like the first. Clips shown at the con featured The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, giving us a small sample of what to expect.

Marvel wanted to go out with a bang as well so they did it by inviting all of the cast from every movie they discussed during the panel on stage at once. They brought them all up for a group picture and to show off the massive lineup of names to come. They then topped it off by inviting Captain Marvel,  played by Brie Larson, onto stage really getting the audience riled up.

This and so much more was shared this year at Comic Con. A Star Trek panel brought William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan and Brent Spiner to the stage where they spoke with the audience alongside Bryan Fuller, the director of the new Star Trek TV series. Cast from a handful of other series such as Animaniacs, Teen Titans Go!, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Preacher and so many more took the stage all the same. Of course Kevin Smith also came out to talk about his various shows and podcasts, who also brought out Greg Grunberg (from Heroes), his sidekick in his new Geeking Out series. So much to see this year, making it an exhilarating con experience.

I’ll close everything out with some final image galleries showing off additional coverage of the panels and show floor.

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