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The How-To!

The best way to get your product through is to send it our way so we can sit down with it and give it a full benchmark. Once received, it will be assigned to the most applicable editor.

Things to include alongside:

  • Company and PR contact information
  • Press kit (if available), technical specifications, and MSRP price
  • Product photos (preferably high resolution and/or png/vector images)
  • Availability of the product: Is it currently available at major retailers? Is it in development or a Kickstarter project? (please note: if in development, the product has to be close to release)
  • Manuals and other documentation, drivers and software that will be provided to consumers

Contact us with as much information as possible. If your product fits within the niche of our editorial(s), we will contact you with the required information to send it our way.

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If any product is not yet ready for distribution and should not be published about yet, please simply note such and we would place the review on hold until such time comes that it is ready for exposure if necessary.

We can’t always guarantee an article. Not every product will fit within the niche of our editorial(s), but our team does manage to respond to most content. All products undergo a thorough testing process here at the office or within the demo rooms/labs. An article may include a full review, a highlight or mention. Some articles may include video coverage or even a full interview (if applicable). Most articles includes images of the product being mentioned.

Demos/samples are sometimes offered as a giveaway to our readers/viewers once benchmarks have been completed and article published. If this were to ever be a problem, please make note that the item is not to be given away. Products may also be revisited in future articles/content to help benchmark another product, a list of top-choice/picked material or in a compare and contrast format (example: a pair of headphones may be used and mentioned to test a portable DAC/media player).