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Sennheiser Momentum over-the-ear (premium) headphones only $185 with free shipping


Sennheiser MomentumHere we go, a great pair of earphones at a great price. We recently covered the on-ear version (a slightly cheaper model) in a review and sat down with Sennheiser during CES about their upcoming 2nd gen version that launches this year. Now you can purchase the full-size over the ears model for only $185 with free shipping at Amazon (*black/red and brown models only). This is a great a deal, especially since the new version coming out this year will be priced at a whopping $499.99 (but of course, also free shipping). So own your 1st gen model today for a fraction of the price. These headphones sound great. Near audiophile sound without having to pay the money for it. We will be sure to bring you a review when the new model releases if we have an opportunity to test it out.






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