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Spend $25 in Amazon gift cards and get $5 credited back


How about a great quick return during Prime Day (only works today, July 7th!)? Right now, if you purchase $25 (or more) in Amazon gift cards, you will get $5 credited to your account within a few days. That’s a 20% return! Unless of course you by more than $25–sorry, you only get one credit of $5 no matter how much you spend. Much better than any cash back deal on your credit card or interest earned on any savings account.

Here’s how you pull it off!

  1. Go to the deal page here, and click on the button “Click to qualify”. This will clip it as a coupon to your account.
  2. Once it confirms it has been added/clipped, click on any of the options to buy any style of Amazon gift card and spend at least $25 on one.
  3. Make sure it says “Your first $25 gift card purchase today qualifies you for an credit.” on the final checkout page (can’t miss it).
  4. Continue!
  5. Enjoy a credit of $5 that will be applied to your account within the next two days after shipment (mail) or delivery (email)

That’s it! There is nothing like free money when it comes to shopping.



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