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Amazon Echo receiving high sales and facing delivery delays


It would appear that the Amazon Echo devices have been doing quite well this holiday since the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that have triggered great pricing that have lived on since then (not to mention new models to choose from). Amazon Echo Dots have been popping up everyone from general presents to prizes for themed games like White Elephant Exchanges and “Saran Wrap Ball Games”. It’s easy to say that sales are doing just fine.

A great example of Amazon’s current success seems to be in delivery of the devices as there have been reports of large delays to recent orders.

It was easy to find a sample screenshot to work with since one of our own has one on an order created December 16th. They are an Amazon Prime member thus most everything they order qualifies for free two-day shipping (including this order). However, despite making the order four days ago, the item hasn’t shipped yet. In fact, Amazon (as seen in the sample to the left) shows that it won’t arrive until January 2nd. That means buy now and get it 17 days later (not so Amazon Primey this round).

Thankfully there is no rush on their end to receive it, as it isn’t intended as a gift, but you can be sure that there are many hoping to get their packages before Christmas (not that anyone waits to the last minute or anything). This only shows how popular they have become this round. This is great for Amazon, however it comes as a surprise that it doesn’t include a warning of any current troubles they may be experiencing trying to get them out quick enough. Therefore some consumers may find themselves a little put off by the fact that they may not get theirs in time (if the device is to be holiday bound).

It would be wise at this point to come to terms with the fact that it is too close to take chances, and ordering now will more than likely not make it in time. This of course doesn’t mean give up as you don’t know how long these prices will be as low as they are, and it is still a fine time to purchase one for yourself.

Of course, if your a gambler, there is always the chance that things will change overnight and suddenly these orders may come flying off the trucks. It could be an issue with production or simply logistics, and you never know when a solution will change everything.


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