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Behind the scenes with Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Who wants to see a little behind the scenes action for the next chapter in the Star Wars universe, with The Last Jedi? The upcoming sequel in the world-beloved series has been capturing attention as they release new movie posters (Leia, Luke, Rey & Fin) and leak tidbits of what to expect in the story, across the internet.

Posters are fun, but a behind the scenes look of what’s coming is HOT, and it is here for you. Feast your eyes on some of the hard work that has gone into the making of the new movie. The bonds created between characters both new and old, fun moments in motion capture, character voicing, and explore the wonderful creature and set design they have laid out for this December’s release.

There is a lot to look forward to, making it quite possible that Star Wars Episode 8 could take the win for the top grossing movie of 2017. Thoughts, comments? Share below!


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