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Follow Kung Fury as he goes back in time to fight Hitler


I was going to skip writing about this until I gave it a watch myself. Something that belongs on a completely different editorial but still needed to be highlighted here due to its 100% sweet-awesome-packed entertainment value.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign flourished with over $630,000 in raised funds and successfully into a 30 minute short film parody on YouTube that acts as a shout out to all of those action-packed cult-classic 80’s movies. They even got David Hasselhoff to sing the official theme song “True Survivor” (found here)

Kung Fury is a master of the ultimate form of Kung Fu, a form only attainable by the chosen one. He has to go back in time to take out Hitler as Mr Adolf is willing to go however far necessary to try and claim the throne as the chosen one.

Kung Fury

The film is free to watch (and can be found below) and if you are like me, you will most likely share it with all of your friends and contacts because its difficult not to tell the world about. Laser Unicorns–who created the film–did a great job in capturing that 80’s feel and just as good of a job filling it with as many cheesy jokes, puns and action scenes as possible.

I tip my hat to Laser Unicorn for making me laugh that hard, and filling my heart with nostalgia.


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  1. didn’t expect it would be this good. Crowd funding at its best. the power of people. +Vishnu Pradeep check this out and share….AWESOMEAWESOME

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