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Follow Kung Fury as he goes back in time to fight Hitler


I was going to skip writing about this until I gave it a watch myself. Something that belongs on a completely different editorial but still needed to be highlighted here due to its 100% sweet-awesome-packed entertainment value.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign flourished with over $630,000 in raised funds and successfully into a 30 minute short film parody on YouTube that acts as a shout out to all of those action-packed cult-classic 80’s movies. They even got David Hasselhoff to sing the official theme song “True Survivor” (found here)

Kung Fury is a master of the ultimate form of Kung Fu, a form only attainable by the chosen one. He has to go back in time to take out Hitler as Mr Adolf is willing to go however far necessary to try and claim the throne as the chosen one.

Kung Fury

The film is free to watch (and can be found below) and if you are like me, you will most likely share it with all of your friends and contacts because its difficult not to tell the world about. Laser Unicorns–who created the film–did a great job in capturing that 80’s feel and just as good of a job filling it with as many cheesy jokes, puns and action scenes as possible.

I tip my hat to Laser Unicorn for making me laugh that hard, and filling my heart with nostalgia.


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  1. Claurio Neves on

    Kung Fury deserves a full length movie, and Hackerman and Barbarianna need spinoff series, both to air on *Adult Swim!* +Adult Swim

  2. Giraffeseatwindmills on

    I love this movie, but I don’t understand why hitler is the enemy in the future, after all, he did nothing wrong.

  3. Space Suits For Indians on

    kudos to those on kickstarter who funded this project and and people who participated. Daniel you have a great sense of humor, loved the movie and the catchphrases. COMIN DOWN THE MOUNTAIN, SHE’S A KILLER MACHINE!!!!!!!

  4. MrARKANOiiDe on

    This… i dont know, its like the best thing i saw since like last 20 years, this beats Pulp Fiction and im a PF fanboy 😛 im laughing like hell, i have tears in my eyes of nostalgia, where can i give all my cash to see a part2 or a full bad ass movie? 🙂 Tahnk you so much for doing this movie, and BTW, Barbarianas HOT!

  5. Jovi Levi :3 on

    OH MY FUCKING GOD THE LITTLE PAUSE WHEN HE’S SAYING “Tank you…”YOU JUST KNOW THE GUY WAS THINKING *”EEEHHHH THIS LINE SUCKS BUT IT’S IN THE SCRIPT WHAT CAN YA DO…”*”I’m gonna dis-arm you…””You don’t need that spine…..It’s holding your back..”This is a masterpiece.

  6. killerkuneho on

    Struck by lightning while being bitten by a cobra… If Far Cry 3’s 80’s homage Blood Dragon wasn’t enough.

  7. Schwindsichtiga der Echte on

    This deserves even more support. Absolutely hilarious, always over the top but never annoying. Brilliant.

  8. Finn Vorberger on

    Part 2: Hitler becomes Kung Furys new partner and the golden eagle is their policedog (…maybe just kidding)

  9. Le Mont Bennett on

    In case you all missed it the first time!!EVERYTHING 80’s smushed into one EXTRAVAGANZA ! #KingFury

  10. Holy shit….I could barely follow a sense of plot…characters showed up with ridiculous style and pretty odd place in the story, leaving the already stringy plot with more holes…the effects were so laughable at best…the only instruments they had mere Guitars and Keytars..the backstory and development of the characters were like a bad OP OC…and the jokes…they were basically Cheddar, Parmesan, and American rolled into one big cheesy mess….AND I FUCKING LOVED IT! It felt like an movie out 85 on steriods, then cut to 30 minutes. It’s incredible! Every hideous trait of 80s movies is here, it’s honestly a movie of that era with the technology to give us more explosions and hilariously cheesy settings. I only wish the Kickstarter got this to full movie status, because my only gripe is the fact they had to rush on their story. So oh my god….please….movie…..PLEASE UNIVERSE

  11. A bit late to the party, but definitely worth a watch! It’s madness and hilarity wrapped up in a crazy 80s neon package ????

  12. Patrick Briotte on

    *opens video*Me: Ok, let’s see what all the fuss is about. Aaand…Play.*57 Seconds in*Me: WHAT IS HAPPENING?! I DON’T KNOW AND I THINK IT’S GLORIOUS!

  13. Rusty Reporter on

    This is killer!!! *From Description:* Kung Fury is an over-the-top 80’s action comedy that was crowd funded through Kickstarter. It features Kung Fury, a Kung Fu renegade cop who travels back in time to kill his Nemesis, Hitler. The film features nazis, dinosaurs, vikings and cheesy one-liners.The campaign that was launched in December 2013 was backed by more than 17 000 people who together gave more than $630 000.

  14. Film pendek karya Laser Unicorn ini gokil banget! Film pendek dengan durasi 30 menitan ini menghadirkan cerita yang aneh, lebay, tapi lucu, dijamin pasti kalian terheran-heran sekaligus terhibur dengan jalan ceritanya yang random dan absurd sekali.

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