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Legion M releases Colossal, their first theatrical release


You might have read about Legion M sometime between now and the start of of last year. They are the world’s first fan-funded and owned entertainment company. Their success through crowdfunding has been nothing but phenomenal since they began taking submissions last year and are currently in their second round of doing so via

Fans (you) are able to buy into a piece of the business by buying stock in the company via WeFunder, where you will be able to take part in exclusive behind the scenes content as movies and other media develop. In the long run, the hope is that investment will turn into something much greater in the future as the company grows. As they become more profitable, so does your stake in the company.

Legion M’s mission is to develop original content for movies, TV and virtual reality (VR). Colossal is the first of these projects to release, starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. It releases beginning today (April 7th) in New York and Los Angeles theaters. From there, it will move out towards other locations beginning April 14th, moving quicker as popularity grows.

Legion M has picked up many recognizable names along the way, including Kevin Smith and Stan Lee, featuring projects like “ICONS: Face to Face,” where fans will be able to take to VR to get close up with their favorite celebrities as they are being interviewed.

Other projects involve things like the “Pitch Elevator,” where fans are able to climb inside a mock elevator, to pitch their creative ideas. They then narrow the results down to the top favorites, where fans are then given the chance to pitch their idea live and may even win a development deal with Legion M.

This may very well be the future, as investing into Hollywood is no longer limited to just the rich and famous. Here’s hoping something big comes of this. Especially with the names they have roped together to help make this possible. I can imagine a lot of great content will come from Legion M. They may even become a new “Marvel” in the movie and entertainment industry.


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