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Mock tutorial on how to fix your Xbox 360’s red ring of death


We all feel the pain when it comes to that notorious red ring of LEDs on the Xbox 360. From overheating to video troubles or a faulty CPU, a long history of hardware problems have followed the Xbox 360 through multiple generations of its development. There is high hope that the Xbox One hasn’t adopted any of these troubles as we move on with the new generation of games.

To help solve the troubles with the 360, someone took the time to put together a video that helps alleviate the stress of dealing with a verified doorstop-unit. Something to lighten up the day with:

Given, we don’t recommend trying this wonderful solution unless you know absolutely sure that your console is dead in the water with no hope of return. If so, then it might be a lot of fun to play out. We have already burned through 2 out of 3 units here at the office. If we still had one of the two sitting around, we would give it a try ourselves.


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  1. James swagdank on

    Kids in Africa could have played that Xbox and then called me a faggot and insult my mother over xbox live.

  2. Well, there certainly isnt a red ring on that xbox anymore… there isnt really anything on it… but no red ring, so I guess its a success?

  3. I’ve seen some pretty cool hacks to fix this problem, but this is a solution you could use on any Microsoft or Apple product.

  4. Chip Brandon on

    please read this!!!!!!!!!!!!! make a “making of” how to video. I think it would be fucking hilarious to see how these are made

  5. Eduardo Barros on

    Meu 360 é o terceiro modelo, nunca passei por isso, mas deve ser essa a sensação. Chorei de rir! ?

  6. Shinji Ikari on

    For now, this was the best HowToBasic video I’ve ever seen…I love how calmly it started, I love the destruction but when that PlayStation came, I fucking ROTFL!!!!!! XD

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