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Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 2 trailer rocks the house at Comic Con


One of the most popular shows that took the internet by storm last year was Netflix’s Stranger Things. Now it is revved up and ready to force watchers into another storm of binge watching. as season two prepares to launch this October, starting with the release of an amazing trailer that makes perfect use of MJ’s Thriller.

The cast took the stage during Comic Con 2017, where they discussed a few hints of what’s to come and answered some of the audience’s Q&A. Some new characters are being introduced into the mix of things and Eleven will of course be coming back, ready to help kick some ass.

It appears the Upside Down is trickling into their world at a pace much larger than before and the monster that lurks within wants them all. It appears it has either grown in size or there is something much worse that will be making its debut. See for yourself in their new trailer, just below. Make sure to turn those speakers up and once again be sucked back into the 80’s, with a glimpse of season 2. Continue further below for some highlights of the panel as well as images.


Panel Highlights:

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