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New Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer: ‘It’s true…all of it’ (watch it here!)


A new trailer has just gone live for the new Star Wars movie coming out in December 18th. It originally aired during ESPN’s Monday Night Football and now it is taking the web hard as it gives a whole new sneak peak at what’s to come, and it looks good–“All of it!”. You know the lines will be wrapping around walls and buildings when this first hits theaters. Packed with excited fans, in some cases dressed as their favorite characters. Imagine more slave Lieas than you can shake a stick at (assuming they’d let them into the theaters dressed like that of course).

This trailer includes great preview of Kylo Ren as he quotes his dedication to Vader’s damaged helmet and a nice dramatic scene with Han Solo.

The new movie is going to be filled with action and fan-choking scenes that will more than likely bring the crowds back to watch it again and again. Most of us here have already begun our own personal movie marathons to celebrate and prepare for the new sequel. I wonder if this will shadow the Avengers…

Check out the trailer here:


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