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New Star Wars VII international (Japan) trailer features new scenes we’ve been waiting for


Another trailer is making its way around the internet–this time an international trailer playing in Japan. It features some of the scenes that ran the hairs up on the necks of fans all over, including Han Solo’s “It’s true, all of it” quote.

However, this one includes a a few scenes we haven’t seen yet including a dramatic scene with Kylo Ren’s sword-style lightsaber, a great one of Chewbacca blowing stuff up (maybe it came recommended by his therapist) and wait for it…Leia. They finally gave us a scene with the princess in it.

There is also a better introduction of new characters as well as some teasing to the words mentioned. Another fine trailer to get fans worked up for the upcoming Star Wars sequel hitting theaters December 18th. You know we’ll be there!

Check out the trailer:


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