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Samsung takes a funny aim at Apple with video ad


There is nothing new about tech companies going at each other in commercials, sometimes neck to neck for the purpose of making the other look bad, using the simple tool of comedy. Looking for something that will cause the viewer to feel a connection to the story behind it all is even better (for the win at least). Some of the greatest involved marketing stuns like Mac vs PC (“hey, I’m a Mac”<–>”and I’m, a PC”). Now, it’s Samsung‘s turn as they take a swing at Apple with a video add going over the last ten years of iPhone ownership troubles.

Of course, no phone is perfect and we are all plagued with our own bios opinions about which phone is better than the other. However, even the hardcore iPhone fan can get a little laugh out of this one. From calling them out on all of the rice naps phones have had to take over the years, to the odd proprietary decisions that Apple has forced its customers to live through.

Their main goal is to claim that the Samsung devices outwit the iPhone every time throughout the years, from water to performance. Of course the Samsung phones aren’t perfect either, but that’s not the topic of this round. Now let’s see if Apple hits back or not with something of their own the turn the tables with.

I do have to admit the new Galaxy phones are mighty useful and completely universal when it comes to compatibility over the iPhone. Apple still continues to pressure its technology toward proprietary behavior that can at sometimes leave it behind the curve when it comes to the latest features. That’s what happens when you refuse to join the universal bandwagon and find out that you can’t always develop an alternative method each time, just for the sake of selling those precious adapters. Eventually, like with Qi wireless charging, they come around and realize sometimes having an open compatibility to technology can be a good thing after all–sadly it takes them a number of years to figure that out, when everyone else has already beat them to the punch.

In their defense, the iPhone has always been a solid phone with strict requirements when it comes to testing. iPhones generally last a good number of years surviving updates to the OS without seeing a critical change in performance (something most everything else lacks). The user-interface is friendly and they support (app-wise) nearly everything out there–they really know how to win developers over.

Now to sit back and wait for Apple’s response–if it happens. I’m sure with all of the anticipation that they sweated out until the release of their new model 8 and X, they have plenty of energy to hit back with.


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