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Tis the season to buy memory – It’s that time again


It’s that time again, one of our favorite times of the year where you can stock up and replace all your old memory with high capacity solutions at a fraction of the price they have been all year. Black Friday week and the build up to Christmas, and all those devices of yours (and those to come) need feeding.

How about 64GB microSD cards for less than $20 or a 480GB SSD to replace your C drive with for close to $100. Sounds pretty yummy does it not? We have scooped up a share ourselves to feed the various devices around the demo labs and office, and everyone typically has a “solid” need for SSD.

This week, Amazon has dropped the prices of a bunch of SanDisk cards and drives by up to 60 or even 70% off their original retail prices. The 480GB SSD is only $109 at this very moment, and would prove to be perfect for laptops and desktops alike. Boot your system in record time compared to your old HDD–which you can now use as a secondary drive for file storage (yay). Other sweet deals include a 128GB USB 3.0 drive for under $37 (or a USB 2.0 drive for about $28, but nobody wants to waste that much space on a slower drive when you can get the 3.0 variant at less than $10 more). It’s a smorgasbord of capacity savings and the start of a annual hot commodity.

Let us know what you plan on gobbling (can’t make everything about Christmas just yet…gobble gobble) up this season in the comments below and how you best plan to put it all to use!



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