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Alone in the Office, All By Myself



As the entire tech blog team is at CES this week (including “the boss”), I have been in the office by myself fending off the vices that haunt in such situations. We got a new keyboard in the mail that someone wants us to run a review on which could easily be connected to the TV about 20ft from my desk so that I could easily search for content on Netflix. There is an Xbox…and games, as well as the Pinball hall-of-fame which isn’t too far away (I could always take a deeply extended lunch).

Instead, I stand tall and I keep the cog wheels turning so that the office doesn’t fall behind. I keep the emails going, the phones going and the tasks that have been left unsigned.

One thing I know for sure is materials have been piling up, some phone calls have came in…all of which have to do with CES and what the team has been working on while there. This means there is a lot of content coming your way once they get back, so stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy some well-fit music videos with me! 🙂




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