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Happy New Years! A Big Welcome to 2014!


Happy New Year 2014

On behalf of all of us here at Poc Network, including our friends, partners and families, we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Years! We welcome 2014 with wide arms and smiling faces as we prepare for the new things to come.

This year you will find our web hosting services returning to the market with public access and the invitation-only system will be taken offline. We will also be bringing back our affiliate system to new participants (those who previously took part in this have received continued commissions).

As for the blog, there are many many more reviews, articles, opinion pieces, security updates and many many MANY other things to come!

A big thank you to all of our subscribers here on the site, Facebook, Twitter and all of our other social presences.

We hope that everyone has a successful and positively life changing 2014!

Yours Truly,

– Poc Network Staff


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