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Due to the fact that the company that owned this blog has passed on early this year and no longer in business (*salute*…sad face), I was able to acquire this blog and claimed it as my own! At the moment it is not affiliated with any company or organization, and no it’s not for sale.

It shall be built into something grand one day so don’t run away, it will be built piece by piece and a new design and everything will be coming soon. I liked its old design but apparently I’m not allowed to use it since I was never affiliated with the previous company and since their not around any more, I can’t ask them for the rights. Patience is a virtue…meanwhile I will attempt to keep the posts up when  I can. I will also throw this message on the about page as well so everyone knows what happened.

I will keep all the old posts, so nothing will be lost (so no worries, I got this!!).



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