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With the ever-growing traffic of the site and the oh-so-many feature enhancements on the back-end, the processing capabilities of the site started to become a little behind this year. This causes slower page load times and more patience on your part. You shouldn’t need to have patience, so we stomped on things and stomped on things until they were so compressed and flew around much faster.

Now you can enjoy much quicker page load times and even more features on the back-end to make your browsing easier.

We have also added a new “Hot Deals” category which is new for us since we normally don’t simply brag about specials around the web vs news worthy articles. Sometimes however, we do come across something mind blowing that tends to be difficult to hold back from sharing. Because of this, the new category has been created, albeit a little buried since we want to keep the highlighted focus on articles. You can find the new category to the right in the menu under the category listing.

Stay tuned as we have many more interviews taking place, more products popping into the mail every week for us to tear apart and test and so many other topics that we can’t wait to share!


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