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dodocool wireless fast chargers for home and car


There is nothing more annoying than wires running everywhere, and as we surround ourselves with smart devices, this tends to get worse over time. Smartphones, tablets, watches, and even other rechargeable items like Bluetooth speakers, controllers and more. To add to the trouble, you have multiple types of cables for each (micro-USB, mini-USB, USB Type-C, Lightning, etc). Thankfully, more and more of these devices have been picking up wireless Qi charging support in recent years, making it a little easier to handle the mess with.

Wireless Qi charging is a one cord solution that requires a charging source such as a plate or dock that the device would lay on or into. No more need of an indifference in cables, as long as your device supports Qi. To make it even better, some of these devices have been picking up support for “Fast Charging”, which allows them to make use of more powerful charging solutions for a faster charge. Both Android and Windows phones have had wireless charging support for a number of years now, but now Apple is finally picking up on this as well (finally…).

So now we get to talk about a few of these charging solutions. Dodocool is one of the many companies who have Qi solutions that range from indoors to in the car, and we are going to take a look at two of these, starting off with the one for the car since Qi has only recently been making its way into that market. There are many dock solutions for holding your phone in the car, some of which you have to run a cable from your phone to your 12v outlet that you have to manually plug in every time you also want a charge. For the dock itself to be a wireless Qi solution, this is still relatively small market (although growing), and takes hands free to the next level. You just plop the phone into your dock and worry about the road from there.

Dodocool’s charger comes with two different mounting options in the box, allowing you to either hang it from your window or dashboard via the typical suction-cup approach, or from are nearby air vent using their highly effective vent mount that proves to be so much better than the average vent solution.

The suction cup approach features a lever activated cup (vs a basic stick on and pull off solution that typically falls from the windshield have the time). It maintains a tight grip giving the impression that it probably won’t give you any troubles with staying put. The only exception usually pops up when you live in a high heat area where the heat can dry rot the cup. The mount/dock for your phone attaches to it via a typical ball joint that screws into place over the ball, providing you with all the flexibility you would need to get the right angle with.

The vent approach is better than some of the other solutions since it does more than just slide onto the vent somehow. Some of these mounts will slide onto one of the vent’s fins and doesn’t offer any additional support. The problem with this approach is the weight of the phone is going to drag the vent closed. Dodocool takes it to the next level by including a arm solution that the mount uses to lean against the bottom of the vent and hold the phone up without pulling down on it. This provides a natural mount without any disadvantages.  It both looks good and is functional.

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It not only offers the ability to mount your phone somewhere, but offers to do i securely as well as keeping it charged without cables. All you have to do is toss your phone into the dock and it begins charging automatically (as long as your phone supports it of course).

To add even more to the mix, they were proactive by including additional foam pieces to replaces the ones that are they in case they grow old over time and are affected by the sun or other elements. Such a simple gesture but goes a long way. These are the foam pieces that grab the phone from the sides and keep it securely in the dock. They also include small clips to help manage the cable path with so that the cable isn’t dangling freely. Pretty swell of them to do that.

We did find that you need to use the 12v to USB adapter they include with it. You could use other adapters if you already have them and have a preference, but we found (at least with the ones we had lying around) that they didn’t allow it to fast charge the device (it was just a regular wireless charge). If we used their adapter, the phone would show as fast charging. There is nothing wrong with that, but we do have smaller adapters lying around that take up less space and even offer more than one port, which comes in handy at times.

Also, we wondered how it would perform during cold winter months where the heat is being used at a high setting. Some of today’s phones can get pretty hot when they charge. Blow a concentrated heat onto the back of them and I am sure they may affect performance a little. This is all of course assuming you are using the vent mount solution. We didn’t test this out since it is still quite summer here and didn’t want to run the heat for a long period while it is this hot outside, putting that kind of strain on the vehicle. In the end, it is just a thought.

The price of the charger is $29.99 which isn’t bad. Feels about right for what it offers, especially since it comes with so many parts for you to work with and replace if necessary.

Next up is the option for desk scenarios where you need a normal wireless charger to plop your phone down onto. Dodocool has a familiar looking design that features a puck-like design that tilts your phone up at a slight angle. It also features fast charging making it great for both home and office, promising a reliable battery no matter how frequently you use it. In the middle of those important phone calls, just rest the phone on the charger until you are ready to run off with it again. Just like before, no manual cables to worry about each time.

Both top and bottom feature a rubberized grip to keep it or the phone from moving around. The top works very well as the rubber has a bit of a stick to it, which allows it to grab and hold onto the phone as soon as it touches the charger. It doesn’t truly stick though, so it won’t give you any trouble grabbing the phone as you rush out the door. It simply feels secure.

There is an LED ring of light that goes around the sides of the charger to show its status with. Plugged in and standing by, the ring glow green. When you place a compatible phone on it, the light will turn a nice bright blue to show you that the wireless charging has commenced.

At a price tag of only $19.99 it provides an alternative option to paying top dollar for some of the brands like Samsung or buying something directly from your carrier’s store where everything is marked up so they can make a good profit off of all those add-ons.


Our Conclusion

Both chargers are affordable, functional and offer the quality you need for a long lasting solution. The car mount comes with multiple mounting scenarios and a sturdy design for each. Fast Charging makes a world of difference when it comes to those constantly on the go that don’t have time to wait forever for their phone to catch a decent charge.

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