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Follow Up Review: LG 55-Inch and 65-Inch Cinema 3D 4K Ultra HD TVs Fall In Price For The Holidays


LG 55 and 65 Inch 4K TVsWe recently discussed our review of LG’s 84-Inch Cinema 3D 4K Ultra HD TV, describing the breath taking quality that the TV delivered. For some however, the price is a little steep sitting at $16,999. For those who’s stomach turns at such a price, there is always the smaller alternative.

The price has come down for the 84-Inch’s smaller siblings, coming just in time for the upcoming holidays. You can find the 55-Inch 4K model (55LA9700) for only $3,999 and the 65-Inch model (65LA9700) at a higher price of $5,999.

For most, the 55-Inch TV would be the best deal when considering price as the average consumer isn’t going to dish out $6-16k for a TV.

The LG 4K TV vs Vizio’s 80-Inch 1080p Monster

We predict the 2 most popular TVs for this year’s Christmas is going to be this LG 55-Inch 4K TV and the Vizio 80-Inch 1080p monster that weighs in a similar price. It will all come down to what is more important to you. The size of the screen….or the resolution packed within. Both TV’s provide an amazing picture. Only one of the two has a resolution that is 4x the quality, yet the other has 2x the screen.

Which one do you prefer?



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