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Follow Up Review: Smartwatches Not For The Holiday Season


Samsung Galaxy Gear

Our review regarding the Samsung Galaxy Gear was as open minded as can be, but for this holiday season, nothing will speak more clearly than stats. Although the concept of having a Smartwatch attached to you’re wrist (that works effectively) is a fun idea, it won’t be a profitable one for those companies this time around. Clearly, there is no demand at the moment and the reviews are still not the best for what’s available to you. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is the closest thing to the real deal and it still doesn’t make the cut. It still has a way to go before it become more than just a flashy toy to show off until you get bored of doing so and start leaving it at home.

Manufacturers (ie, Samsung) need to continue developing updates and additional support features in these devices before they become useful enough that demand begins to appear. They need to increase device compatibility so they support more than just a few phones, possibly even offer cross-platform support. Most importantly, the price needs to come down. The devices are phone accessories, not phone replacements…so there is no reason to charge as much or more than what the customer is paying for their phone.

So this holiday season, smartwatches will be taking this round out. Hopefully next year we will see the improvements needed for a stronger smartwatch market.

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