HELM Audio True Wireless Earbuds

This is a brand we are new to, making their True Wireless Earbuds our first impression of their product line–which thus far, consist of just two products, including these earbuds and their Studio Planar headphones (an over-ear design) which looks kind of interesting. We have had to take a little longer with these, giving us time to pass them around and get some different opinions from others around the office before coming to a conclusion. This also allowed multiple users to pair them to their favorite styles of music and preferred listening levels. Design Their design seems to be in-line with what you’d expect┬áto come from a pair of true wireless, including a bud size as well as a charging case, with an exception to the texture design of the outer side of the each bud that features a diamond-like (or strawberry-like, per a few others here) pattern. The case doesn’t feel (or look) larger in size than needed, keeping … Continue reading HELM Audio True Wireless Earbuds