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Review: 1MORE Crystal Piston In-Ear Headphones


It is time to start digging into a new brand of headphones that we haven’t dabbled with in the past.1MORE USA is a new company that has entered the North American market for the first time ever, debuting with 5 pairs of headphones. The first of which is their new Crystal Piston in-ear headphones, that we will be discussing today.

Available as a “his and her” package, the Crystal Pistons come in two colors, pink (for her) and black (for him). Both of which feature the same design and style, but colored to the gender in which will be wearing them obviously.

logo_SwarovskiBoth pairs of headphones feature crystals by Swarovski on the backside of the buds to add a level of style and elegance to them, allowing the wearer to enjoy the way they look just as much as they sound. Both sets of crystals are the same color as the headphones themselves.

The headphones feature an in-line microphone that allows you to control tracks (play, pause, next, prev) as well as accept calls and trigger the voice command features of the connected phone. There is also a built-in microphone on the back-side of the in-line controller.

Taking calls on the Crystal Pistons leads to a clear connection on both sides, allowing both parties to hear themselves just fine. Nothing amazing, like noise isolation, but you have to keep in mind that these are 1MORE’s entry-level headphones.

Quality in music is equivalent to most in-ear headphones around the price of $40 or less. There isn’t a lot of lows to play with, but they are present. These headphones would be great for general leisure listening and do offer 4 different sets of silicone ear tips to help obtain the perfect fit for your ear and maximize what lows there are. This is good price-wise since their MSRP is $79.99, which places them exactly where you would expect them to be (being there is two in the pack). On top of that, you get a few extra accessories, neat packaging and of course style with the Swarovski crystals.

Making sure to keep with a snug fit when it comes to the tips, is important as it really does help bring out the lows so that you can enjoy most genres of music.

As I mentioned, they are best for general all-around listening. They won’t be something to walk around a noisy construction scene with, break out to dance with at the drop of the beat of your favorite Skrillex track or try to melt away with your favorite FLAC music with. You won’t be trying to mix a concert with them. However, if you are simply looking for an affordable solution for music, an in-ear solution and you prefer the added bonus of style that they have to offer, these are great.

They come with two felt pouches inside for storing them in. They feature a thin metal liner around the opening that gives it a pinch-to-open design. The packaging also includes two rubber pucks that they are originally displayed in. Based on the quality of those pucks, you can easily opt to use them as a storage solution instead if you’d like the crystals to be visible for whatever (showing off) reason.

Beyond that, you have some documentation and that’s about it.

Luca BignardiThe only other thing to point out is the fact that they were tuned by the ears of a Grammy award-winning sound engineer by the name of Luca Bignardi. There isn’t a lot to boast about since he obviously didn’t have a lot to work with since these are single-driver headphones. It is still worth mentioning though since they weren’t simply tuned by a random assembly line worker somewhere. When looking for finer quality sound, you want to graduate to their dual or triple driver solutions (this is where quality starts to really shine). You will be able to hear from us about those models as well coming soon.

Our Conclusion

Neat packaging, a few storage options, decent sound and a lots of style. You get a lot for a little, and you can match with your loved one (or sister, or bestfriend, etc). Their lows are noticeable if you keep to a snug fit. We always have expectations, so the sound could be a little better, but not by much.

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7.5 / 10 stars           

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Crystals by Swarovski
Tuned by Grammy Award winning mixer Luca Bignardi
Dual in-line control compatible with iOS and Android
Metal composite diaphragm
Balanced dual damping systems delivers crystal clear sound

In-ear headphones (each)
3 Silicone ear tips (each)
Carrying case (each)
User Manual

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