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Review: 1MORE Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones


Another step into the world of 1MORE USA as we look at their Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones, another of their series of 5 models that they have entered the North American market with. A wonderful earbud solution that delivers great sound and a very stylish design.

What separates these from their normal in-ear headphones is obviously the second driver packed inside each earbud that allows 1MORE to drastically extend the range of sound with. This results in a much brighter and more enjoyable listening experience as well as bigger focus on the lows.

E0323 Dual Driver Blow Out

A pair of headphones for someone who is looking to absorb themselves with the music they are listening to. Great for travel, work and much more. Playing your favorite games or listening to your favorite music on a laptop or any other mobile device, without disturbing those around you. They work well for watching movies on the go as well (albeit, if you are an avid movie fan that loves a lot of bass, a good pair of over-ear headphones would obviously offer more).

This building has been exposed to a lot of music over the last few weeks as many of us have been departing deep into a handful of headphones and speakers that we have been testing. One of the artists that we have been absorbing ourselves with lately has been Chris Cornell as he offers a few really enjoyable live acoustic albums (like this one) that can really bring out the best in speakers (good speakers). These headphones were among those exposed to these albums have proven to do great at audibly painting Cornell’s voice with each track.

Another track that caught our eye was Alessia Cara’s new song “Here” which sounds absolutely fantastic with these headphones (and I am not much of a fan of the hip hop generation of music unless it really grabs me deeply).

We spent plenty of time circulating through all sorts of amazing tracks, from Dire Straits to more modern artists like Linkin Park. We traversed the realms of jazz and funk with artists like Vintage Trouble and Bruno Mars. All of which sounded fantastic. Everything from MP3 to our favorite forms of music like FLAC, DVD-A and DTS.

I could go on all day about what sounded great with these headphones, which says a lot for 1MORE and forces me to have to push forward as it is indeed a dangerous topic here and can (at times) be difficult to convince us to move off of it. SO! Let’s move onto design for now!

E0323 Dual Driver Whole Product1MORE did a great job at offering a very elegant and classy design that would appeal to any gender of user. A combination of white/pearl and gold, these headphones are sure to attract the attention of those around you as well. The cable is white/pearl with a gold accent to the buds, in-line controller buttons and 3.5mm adapter. The tips are designed with a tilt to fit just right into your ear for both comfort and sound.

You have a selection of 4 pairs of gel tips to choose from to help customize the fit to your ear. You are going to want a nice snug fit while not causing any pressure or pain during use. This will help balance comfort while sealing in your lows and giving you a finer range. Once you have done so, you can store the tips somewhere as you won’t need them unless you want to match them up to someone else’s ears. You can always throw them in the case they come with as well in case you do find yourself looking for them (plenty enough room).

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Speaking of the case, it comes with a hard case that’s about 2/3 the size of a an average box of cigarettes. I hate to use that as an example as I don’t smoke myself, but for some reason that is what instantly comes to mind for everyone who has held it in their hand. Large enough to carry the headphones and tips and small enough to easily pack away into any form of travel bag. The case has a pleather design to it and a magnetic flap to keep it shut with.

Inside, you also find a small airplane adapter which allows you to use these headphones in flight when the airplane you are using requires the dual 3.5mm option. Another great way to slip away to some good tunes with (or movies…as long as you don’t need heart pounding bass for those special effects).

All of this is very nicely packaged for you so that you feel a level of impression the second you open the package.

Luca Bignardi

These headphones were tuned by Grammy award-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi. Luca is an Italian engineer who has been mixing albums for a handful of artists since 1979. He has his own recording studio and has worked with names like Andrea Bocelli. You can learn more about Luca in the following video or via his website here.

Our Conclusion

1MORE’s dual driver headphones offer wonderful sound! The range could be just slightly wider maybe, however the price matched with quality brings it to a high enough score for it still to be a top contender. What am I saying, these are awesome! They scored a high 8.5 with us leaving most of the other in-ear headphones we have tested in the dust. It gets better from here though. Check out their triple driver in-ear model! We should have a story on it coming real soon. The price is right for you if you are looking for the small profile of in-ear headphones, great sound that lives up to the $100-200 range of in-ear solutions yet won’t cost you so much.

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Our Rating

8.5 / 10 stars           

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Patented structure design with balanced armature and dynamic drivers
Full frequency range and high fidelity performances
Smart in-line control compatible with iOS and Android
Metal composite diaphragm
Ergonomically designed ear buds

Inside the box:
In-ear headphones
4 pairs of silicone ear tips
Carrying case
User Manual


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8.5 Wonderful Sound!
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