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Review: Aomais Sport IPX7 floating waterprood Bluetooth speaker


We found ourselves another Bluetooth speaker to brag about. In this round, we have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, the Aomais Sport IPX7. There is nothing like testing a product that claims to be waterproof. Thankfully, this one has lived up to expectations gracefully.

The Aomais sport is a slightly larger (and heavier), yet still portable wireless speaker that has a fantastic range to it and a durable build. The exterior features a solid rubber and plastic combination with metal grills on both the front and back side. The majority is rubber where the plastic exists (openly) for the accent coloring (in our case, an orange) and the small hatch on the side. There are two other models that feature alternative colors for the accents: green and red. The rubber portion of the exterior is extra rugged given the feel that this speaker could take some hefty abuse. Hopefully you won’t have to put that to the test, but it’s always good to have that assurance just in case.


On the left side of the speaker is where you find the plastic hatch, where the microUSB (for charging the speaker) and 3.5mm aux input (for wired devices) ports are located. It features a rubber seal to it to help maintain the waterproof properties of the speaker. Obviously, you will want to take extra care to make sure that hatch it firmly sealed before getting things wet.


The top side of the speaker features your control buttons that include volume (up and down), phone calls (answering and disconnecting), track control (previous and next), play/pause and your power button. Just in front of these buttons are three LED lights for power, battery life and Bluetooth.


Bottom-side of the speaker contains a standard-size tripod thread, and is also metal in design, offering additional durability. This is good for throwing it on a tripod or a specialty mount for situations like mounting it to a bike.

The speaker features two speakers on the front-side that are powered by powerful 10-watt drivers so that it can deliver a very high level of volume in a little bit of space. To add to it, it has a passive subwoofer on the back-side to help deliver your lows with.

Upon turning the speaker on for the first time, it immediately goes into Bluetooth pairing mode so that you can connect a device to it and get started. Once connected, it only takes a mere second or two for it to regain connection each time you turn it on as long as your device is nearby. To make it even easier, it does support NFC (as long as your device does too), allowing you to simply tap your phone to the speaker for a quick pairing and unpairing solution, without having to play with any settings.

As I mentioned, it has a great range to it, offering both mids and highs and quite noticeable lows, all within a small enclosure. This is great as it can fill larger rooms and perform nicely in outdoor situations. Great for the parks, camping, fishing or even throwing it around in your backyard. In the water is sounds great as well, but of course if water is puddling in the speakers, it does muffle the sound a little until it blows/empties out through the grill.

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The speaker performs well for just about any genre of music, including club, hip-hop and heavy rock tracks. The passive subwoofer really does its job.

It has a little weight to it due to what’s packed inside and the rugged enclosure, but I am sure you will allow that to slide without complaint. It is small enough to pack away in your bag just fine and works so well for so many situations.


So about that waterproof feature! I can start off by saying it works, and it works well. We started off during the unboxing by placing it in a bowl of water, spinning it around, holding it down and so forth. It performed just fine. Then during our actual tests, we walked outside and threw it into the fountain. Again, it performed fine, but that wasn’t good enough. So we took it down the street to one of the local sports shops that have a full-size pool they use for scuba training. Once again, we tossed it in, this time with a nice upward arc so that it gets a good drop into the water. It quickly rose to the surface and maintained its float. Not once did it stop playing music. Not bad right?

As a reminder, you will want to keep the little hatch on the side completely sealed when playing around water to maintain it’s protection from the wet conditions. It is waterproof up to 1 meter (3 feet), rated so for up to 30 minutes. We left it in there for longer and it was fine. Given, it was floating and not completely submerged at all times. The only other thing to keep in mind is keeping your source device within range.

Which leads me to talking about range. Also not bad as we were able to get about 40-50ft from the speaker with our device before it began to cut out.

Inside the box there is a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable for connecting wired to a device as well as a microUSB cable for charging the speaker. There is no wall adapter, so you will have to find one laying around from another device to charge via the wall.


Outside of the tripod mount that you can find online, there are also optional sling covers that feature a handle to help carry it around with. They are available in four different colors, including blue, green, grey and orange.

Our Conclusion

An excellent outdoor speaker! It sounds pretty good, although not on an audiophile level–but then again this speaker isn’t coming from a company like B&W. It has the perfect amount of volume for its size with minimal to no distortion at higher levels. It performs perfectly in water, making it useful in so many situations. It also features an excellent price tag. Sure, it could be better. However, right now you can find it on Amazon for only $50. So I think it is doing just fine. It’s rugged, it’s waterproof, it’s loud and it’s affordable. Right on Aomais! We look forward to what you come up with in the future.


Our Rating

8.5 / 10 stars           

Average Price*


*Average price is based on the time this article was published


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Weight:1.4 pounds
Rated Power:10 Watts
Output power:120Hz–18KHz
Effective Distance:33ft/10m
Battery:Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery

What’s inside::
1 Bluetooth speaker
1 3.5mm Audio cable
1 Micro USB charging cable
1 Quick start manual

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