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Review: BedJet V2 Climate Control for Beds


It’s too hot; it’s too cold; my feet are freezing; I don’t like the temperature you set. So many complaints can come from laying under the sheets (when trying to sleep), and most of them generally narrow down to just a few simple variables–and one of these is temperature. Each person has their own sleeping preferences and sometimes balancing layers with your house’s climate control doesn’t solve any of them. A person in one room may like it to be average while the other might prefer a much colder setting. Setting the thermostat in your house either way will only impact the other.

BedJet has a solution to help personalize each sleep experience, by bringing the climate control to the bed itself. Their product–BedJet (V2)–does exactly this by offering an air source that pumps air right between your sheets, thus not affecting the rest of the house. Of course, if the other personality is sharing the same bed as you, they have a solution for that as well, allowing each sleeper to have their own climate. The latter renders a simple bedroom fan obsolete.

It all begins with the main unit that can either be stored flat under your bed, or vertically on against one of the sides (or foot) of the bed using an optional stand accessory that you can buy. Most modern beds that have a frame that lifts from the ground via legs or wheels will typically allow the unit to lay flat underneath, so it all comes down to personal preference and the style of frame.


The unit plugs into the wall and pumps air from the room into an attached hose assembly that can be stretched and angled so that it can find a clean path to the top of the mattress. It gives you up to eight feet of play which should be more than enough for any scenario, so you have plenty of options for positioning the unit without having to worry so much about reach. In the rare situation where you might actually need more play, they do offer an optional hose extension you can buy.

From there, they provide multiple pieces to find a the best fit for securing it to the side of the mattress where it will then connect to a nosepiece that gives a flattened shape, perfect for directing the air between your layers of sheets/blankets. The room we set it up in features a pretty tall mattress (Simmons Beautyrest with pillowtop), and it reaches just fine–although we did use up all the extensions.

You have the option of just aiming it between the sheets and/or blankets you already have on your bed for an immediate ready to use configuration. Or, you can purchase one of their specially designed sheets (called “AirComforters“) that are made for receiving the distributing the air eveningly throughout your bed by forming a pocket for the air to travel around in. Their sheets are made using 100% seteen cotten and feel amazing to the touch.

If you have two sleepers in the bed that prefer different temperatures, then you can get an optional dual zone version of their sheet that separates the bed into two halves, each with their own pocket–available in both queen and king sizes. This is a pretty neat feature, although it does require you to use two separate BedJet’s to pull it off since each pocket requires it’s own feed.

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It only takes a few minutes to get up and going since the setup only requires a few steps. You can’t let the thickness of the manual intimidate you as you can more than likely put it together without ever reading the instructions. Especially if you let your man do it since most likely he won’t even notice there are any instructions in the package to begin with.

Once everything is built and the unit is plugged into the wall (you will want it to be plugged directly into the wall without any power strips in the mix due to wattage requirements), you will notice the remote is already willing to get things going. Although, you will want to read the instructions at this point because it does come with a number of customizable features.

The remote itself gives you your basic options but also everything you need without digging into the app (which I will talk about in a moment). With the remote, you can choose whether you want cool or warm air blown into your bed. You also have an option of turbo heat for those colder winter months. There is a – and + button to control the intensity of the air level, an option to disable remote button press sounds and finally a button that extends the timer for auto-shutoff during your current session.

You can find the breakdown of modes for auto shutoff within the instructions. Heat offers five (turbo) and twenty (normal) minute sessions by default and cooling has a default of 10 hours (probably because there is little wear on the unit while in this mode). You can use the button on the remote to extend it either by one minute or twenty depending on which of these modes you are in, with a specific maximum limit for each.

It is important to point out that it doesn’t actually cool the air being pumped through while in cool mode. What it is doing is simply taking room temperature air and pumping it through the line to your sheets. It is the same effect as a normal fan, only the fan is brought straight to you in the form of distributed air. Since the unit is on the floor and hot air rises, you are getting the coldest room temperature air that your room will have to offer. Also, it will always feel cool to you since your body adds to the temperature under your sheets, warming the bed to a higher temperature than the air outside of the bed.

When in either of the heat modes, the unit does heat the air before it is sent down the hose to you. This is obvious since the temperature balance does not work the same when it is chilly outside of the bed.

So let’s get a little more complicated. You have the unit installed and are already enjoying it’s benefits. However, you’d like to drill deeper into the settings to see what it is truly capable of. Then, you would want to download the optional app for the BedJet to your smartphone or tablet, which allows it to connect to it via Bluetooth. They support both Android and iOS devices, which pretty much covers the entire market now that Microsoft has temporarily pulled out of the smartphone race. It looks like the reviews are mixed in opinion with the iOS app, but I am sure BedJet is working hard at improving it as they go.

From the app you can now control more than before, as you can now customize the setup based on actual temperature and other settings. You can control shutoff based on temperature with newly extended shut off times, biorhythm sleep cycle programming, and you can choose from a number of heating presets. You can even update the BedJet’s firmware using your device. It’s pretty darn cool.

Finally, they decided air wasn’t enough as you also have the option of using aromatherapy as well. It comes with what they call an Aromatherapy Accessory Kit. Really all this is, is a collection of eight pieces of foam and a small binder clip. Nothing fancy there. Just take your favorite essential oil, and apply 3-5 drops of the oil to the foam and clip the foam to the inside lip of the nose that pokes into your sheets. Now you will have air blown into your bed featuring the fine therapeutic effects of these oils.

It does come with everything you need to get started. The only thing you might find yourself wanting is the vertical stand if you don’t have the option of tucking the unit flat under the bed (which I personally feel is the best way since it’s less things sitting around on the floor to stub your toes into). The AirComforter sheets are an optional buy since you can simply blow the air between whatever layers you already have. The custom sheets just happen to pull everything off better as the air is distributed much cleaner across the bed.

Our Conclusion

We absolutely love the BedJet, especially with the AirComforter sheet they make. The sheet is so soft and feels much more durable than your average product. It really does add to your sleep experience–or at least it has thus far for me and the few others who have taken a nap to test it out with. The price of the unit is pretty high, making beds with two sleepers a little pricey to cover. It does indeed make it an optional luxury, but a fine one at least. I myself typically have a ceiling and a tower fan going all the time to keep air circulating around the room. In the end though, it only covers my face as I typically snuggle deep into my covers. Now, it isn’t so much a problem anymore.

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