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Review: Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand


Sometimes it is the more simpler things in life that really come to save the day. Like a wireless phone charger that lifts your phone up as a stand versus a plate. With today’s phones, just about every popular modern model has an ability to keep its screen on at all times when it isn’t in your pocket. This allows it to present an energy-friendly all black screen with light colored text on it, displaying the time and possibly other data. Mix that with a stand and you get something you can see easily from a distant, turning a charging phone into a clock.

Given, not everyone may think of it this way, but I always have. So in this review we take a look at a fast charging wireless Qi stand by Choetech. A simple modern looking design that features a black plastic body that delivers the perfect tilt (really, it is the same tilt as any other stand for the most part). There is but one connection on the back for a micro-USB cable to fit for delivering power to it with, and a bar-shaped LED indicator on the front bottom (to show the difference between standby and charging.

The unit is basic in build and light weight. It offers four small rubber feet on the bottom and within the cradle, a rubberized layer where the bottom of the phone makes contact.

It comes with instructions, not that you normally need any, and a USB cable for running between the stand on the wall adapter. Strangely however, it does not come with the wall adapter (they do note this on their Amazon page for the product). This makes this the first “charger” that has been sent to us that couldn’t actually charge (at least properly) right out of the box. You could of course plug it into a USB port of a computer, but unless it is a port that supports fast charging, you are out of luck unless you already have an adapter that does laying around. We found this to be a little odd.

Once you have found something to plug it into (thankfully we have all sorts of adapters stored here), it does do a fantastic job at keeping a device refueled. Just as you’d expect out of any fast charger at least. The outcome is the same as you’d find with a Samsung, Nokia or any other large-name branded solution–which makes it a good charging solution. You do of course have to make sure your phone supports fast charging to even take advantage of this feature, else it will revert to a normal charge.

We do feel that there could have been more rubberized material to help hold the phone in place with. Possibly outlining the face of the stand that the back of the phones rests against, or possibly the Choetech logo itself could have featured a rubberized print to help keep things snug with. This isn’t a deal killer or anything, but just something to point out.

Our Conclusion

In action, the charger does a great job and holds itself well against the big name brands. The fast charging makes a difference when it comes to wireless charging in general and the hungry batteries of the newer phones that support the technology. The fact that it doesn’t come with a wall adapter is just plain strange though. Regardless of mentioning it or not. There are a lot of consumers that don’t read before buying, which could create risk of heightened returns. If you do need a wall adapter though, just browse through some of our past reviews and I’m sure you’d find one or two that would suite your needs well.

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