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Review: HBUDS H1 Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones


The folks at HBUDS were kind enough to send out a pair of their H1 Bluetooth earbuds this week. I have spent most of the last 3 days with them hanging around my neck as I field tested these very impressive units, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

In the box: The H1 HBuds bluetooth earbuds as tested were black. They also are available in white, blue, and red. Along with the earbuds, there are 3 sizes of Silicone ear tips included as well as memory foam ear tips sized small, and medium. These allowed me to find my custom fit quickly and easily. There is a small disk to be used for cord management. The earbuds are connected with a relatively short cord, the disk truly seems unnecessary. There is a handy cloth bag with drawstring to keep your earbuds safe when you aren’t wearing them. There is a micro USB charging cord which is about six inches long. The set includes a handy 24/7 contact card for product support, and of course the simple to follow, easily understood, instructions. The earbuds have an ear cradle which slips easily over each ear, then it takes a small push to properly seat the buds. They are ergonomically designed and were comfortable immediately. All of the controls are on the right side bud and consist of a Power button on the side and a set of buttons on top to adjust volume or bump through tracks. The power button also functions as the play/pause button for the device. It’s so easy to use that it takes mere seconds to operate this like an old friend. My only complaint was the location of the power button is the same spot one uses to seat the bud in your right ear. I paused and powered off the unit while getting them in the first time.

I started by charging the device. When plugged into a USB power source, you will see a red LED on the right side bud. When fully charged, that LED changes color to blue. It took about an hour to fully charge the units out of the box, the instructions state 1.5 hours for full charge, but that’s always varied by when one decides to charge the H1 earbuds. The included cable connects to a micro USB in the right earbud. Once charged, I proceeded to start connecting them to my various Bluetooth testing devices. I always begin with my Galaxy G5, because when using these, that will be my main source of music. To connect to Bluetooth is simple, no matter if I was using my Samsung Galaxy, one of my many test iPads, my android tablets, or my Kindle Fire. 1. Put the earbuds in your ears. 2. Power on the buds. That means hold the side button for about 3 seconds. That will also work to power the units off. A quick push on the side button operates Play/Pause functions. 3. Enable Bluetooth device 4. HI HBUDS will be on your Bluetooth search window, choose to connect. 5. You will hear a voice prompt saying “Power on” when you start the process, and “Connected” as soon as you connect to your device. It will also confirm “Power off” and “Disconnected” The volume buttons on the right bud will now operate volume: with a quick push. The forward button is volume down, or previous track. The back button is volume up or next track. To get previous track or next track, hold the button until you hear a low tone and it will advance. When you have maxed out the volume, a harsh sounding high pitched tone rings in the earbuds. The H1 HBUDS Bluetooth earbuds have an effective Bluetooth range of approximately 30 ft as per manufacturer’s claims, no matter which device was used as the source. Most sources (phones, tablets, audio players) were surprisingly right at the 30 ft range when the source started failing. 

From the first second I was playing music in the H1 HBUDS Bluetooth Earbuds, I was impressed. I noticed clear sound in both ears across the frequency range, and a bit of thumping bass. By working between the volume of the source, and the volume in the earbuds, one can easily control a bit of the equalization to either enhance low end, or reduce low end. I have tested them with many different types of music: Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Metal, and even Country and western. They perform like a 100 dollar pair of earbuds in my opinion for a lot less money. Be careful, you can easily make the H1 earbuds too loud by maxing out the volume at the source. Depending on the type of music, that did cause some distortion in the buds. I found that for most of my testing: using volumes just above half volume in the source then adjusting volume using the H1’s controls, allows for crispy clear, and full bodied sound without chancing damage to your ears. When using various music apps in various devices I was able to “skip tracks” on I Heart Radio, Google Music, ITunes, etc. I noticed when using my Ipad tablets that volume on the device was adjusted with the volume control of the H1 earbuds. When using my phone, my Kindle Fire, or my Android tablets, those controls are not interconnected in that manner, so that’s where you can create distortion and dangerous volume levels. When I was using the source to play back audio files(WMA, MP3, etc) I could advance files as well as return to previously played tracks. The play/Pause was responsive, so much so, I thought I turned the unit off the first time I accidentally touched that button.

The H1 HBUDS Bluetooth Earbuds can connect to two Bluetooth devices for multiple sound sources. It’s as simple as pairing multiple devices, and connecting them one at a time. I did that with my G5 and an Ipad. I also used my Kindle Fire along with my Samsung G5. There was no problem using either device once both were connected. Both devices may be “playing” and “connected” but you will only hear “one device” at a time. To change “source” pause or stop whatever is presently playing. Start the next song on the second source and it will be heard in the earbuds. I varied sources between children’s audio books, video players, and different music apps. You will want to adjust the output volume of each source device to even out the levels, and after that it’s just a lot of “do you really want two sources?”

The second day I was using the H1 HBUDS Bluetooth Earbuds I foolishly let my lovely wife try them out. She started dancing, her eyes lit up, and I wasn’t able to pry them off her head for about 2 hours. She has several pairs of wired and wireless earbuds and said these were great and the best she’s heard. I have used them for 3 days without recharging, although I only use them for a couple of hours at a time the battery seems to have a lot of use after 3 days of random fiddling with various devices and purposes. They also operate like most earbuds: you can answer the phone using the same controls. Volume up and down operate the same, and there is a microphone in the set. When you get a call while listening to music, the music is paused when you press the side button to Accept the call. If you reject the call by holding the button for too long: you can redial the last number by pressing the side button twice quickly. I played with this feature with my various business contacts over the past 3 days. It works well and better than a lot of Bluetooth earpieces designed just for phone use. No one complained that I sounded weird, or “like I was in a bucket” and I could hear my callers clearly and loud. When you receive a call the voice prompt reads out the numbers so you can decide to reject or connect without having to check your phone.


Hey Buddy

I have very few complaints about the H1 HBUDS Bluetooth Earbuds as tested. The power button is in the same place your finger goes to seat the buds. That is really my only complaint. They are comfortable for hours, and stayed in place while I was jogging and riding my bike. I know they are rated for 1 meter immersion for 30 minutes but I am not big on taking electronics into the pool. I will test the IPX7 rating the next time it rains. There was great stereo separation in the buds, and full range sound with solid sounding bass and mids as well as clear, crispy highs. I used old school classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix to test that feature since they used a lot of manipulation of space in their recordings. I was impressed with the sound quality most of all; the H1 HBUDS Bluetooth earbuds list at 59.99 USD but are being sold at Amazon right now for 24.99 USD. That makes these great sounding, easy to use earbuds a huge bargain and well worth the investment.

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Product Specification:

Bluetooth Specification: V4.1 + EDR
Noise Cancellation: CVC 6.0
IPX7 Waterproof rating
Effective Range: 10 meters (30 feet)
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer 100mAh
Siri Supported
Frequency Response: 20-22 kHz
Charging Port: Micro USB
Working Time: Music & calls up to 9 hours
Standby Time: Up to 250 hours
Charging Time: Approximately 1.5 hours
Operating Temperature: -10 ^0 C to 50 ^0 C

Package Contents:

HBUD H1 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Carrying Case
3 Sets of Ear Tips – Small, Medium, Large
Micro USB Charging Cable
User Manual
Cord Management Clip


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