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Review: HMDX JAM Party Wireless Bluetooth Boom Box (better than Jawbone Jambox)


HMDX JAM PartyWe have written a number of reviews in regards to portable speaker solutions (ie, X-Mini Speaker), but so far the HMDX JAM Party has to be one of the best options we have seen so far. It isn’t the smallest solution but it can still be “jammed” into a pocket (as long as you don’t wear skinny jeans at least) and taken wherever you go (exact dimensions are 7.5 length x 2.6 tall x 2.5 inches in depth)

HMDX JAM PartybIt has 2 stereo speakers with impressive bass output and a very loud volume ceiling before you get any kind of distortion. Works very well if you are at work and need to rock out as it will fill a pretty good sized room. We tested this speaker in a room that was about 70×100 (rough estimate) and it filled it nicely and sounded great doing it.

Bluetooth range is advertised as about 30 feet but in the same room, we had the speaker on one side and stood with a phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) on the other and had uninterrupted streaming music. That put a smile on our face.

The battery life is very good, allowing up to 12 hours of music playback on a single charge. It can also be plugged into the wall if you prefer. It offers line-in just in case you don’t have a bluetooth device, and comes in multiple color options. It also has a handle that extends upwards for easier carrying.

It doesn’t offer NFC (near field communication) like the Nokia Play and JBL PowerUp, but we didn’t seem to miss it any as the bluetooth worked so well. The biggest benefit with NFC is a *slightly* quicker connection process and the ability to charge while playing. Most every smartphone owner carries a charger with them these days anyway. Given…NFC is a pretty neat feature, but the price vs performance makes the HMDX JAM Party much more worth the buy.

Our Conclusion

The speaker is small, lasts a long time on battery, pairs well via bluetooth and sounds much bigger than it really is. We have to give this one a 8.5/10. We feel very strongly that it would match up well to just about anyone looking for a portable solution. Even better it’s on sale for about $70 (normally $100-120) at Amazon. I just ordered one myself to carry in my laptop bag (that will make 3 of us that own one of these).


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8.5 / 10 stars          

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