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Review: iClever 2.4GHz Wireless USB Keyboard with built-in Touchpad


In an ever growing world of connected devices that can be strung about all over the home or office, wireless input accessories have been flying off the shelves. From Android TV boxes to smart TVs, most of the options you have to select from, offer USB support for peripheral devices, such as mice and keyboards. Today we sit down with a new keyboard from iClever, the IC-GK01 USB keyboard with built-in touchpad, targeted for both Windows and Android devices that offer USB support for accessories.

Outside of being a typical wireless keyboard–well, actually that’s it (it’s your typical wireless keyboard). Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, because the average consumer is looking for exactly that. No ergonomic fanciness, no configurable LEDs, no expensive logos on the face of it that you have to dish out money for. It’s simply a keyboard–a keyboard that works.

As mentioned, it is targeted for Windows and Android devices. You could simply use it as a keyboard for your PC if you prefer keyboard/touchpad over the typical mouse setup. Or, you can use it with your smart TV, Android TV box, Xbox One, Roku, disc players and so forth (assuming they support generic USB keyboard support vs proprietary devices).

It takes two AAA batteries to get started and the USB receiver is located/stored behind the battery door. Upon plugging it into a Windows PC, it is recognized immediately and Windows begins to set the device up for use. After a few seconds, you are ready to go. Distance is great as it will work sitting at a desk or relaxing on a couch at a little distance.

Be careful to make sure your num lock is not enabled when using the keyboard else you may get an initial surprise as they include a secondary number pad built into the keys: 7, 8, 9, U, I, O, J, K, L, ; and M. I don’t really understand this as usually you’re not looking to have to switch back and forth between num lock status to be able to use your letter keys properly. Just kind of odd in my opinion.

In place of where the number pad on the right side would usually be is the touchpad. Touchpad works great, just as you’d find on any laptop. It supports touch to select, including multi-touch, and also has your typical left and right mouse buttons at the bottom. The pressure points under the pad for the mouse buttons exists within a large space, about 2 times the height of the buttons themselves. So you can click on them pretty much anywhere within the bottom half of the touchpad. I can’t tell if this was done purposely or an overlook somewhere? It doesn’t cause any distraction to the user though, so there isn’t anything to complain about score-wise.

There are no positional feet at the bottom to give the back side a raise with, however, it does already have a slight raise naturally in it’s design. There are three LED’s above the touchpad for num lock, caps lock and battery status. The top side features an on/off switch so that you aren’t always burning batteries when not in use.

It’s about the size of a basic desktop keyboard, close to what you would find with a Apple setup. Inside the box there are instructions and a small warranty card that offers a real simple break down of their 18 month replacement warranty.

Last, but not least. This article was written using the iClever keyboard.

Our Conclusion

It’s a keyboard! It has a decent distance to it and the touchpad functions perfectly and offers multi-touch support. Secondary number pad is quite odd and I don’t see a lot of users taking advantage of it (unless of course the keyboard is used mostly for number entry than anything else). Battery life should be pretty good since there aren’t any unneeded bells and whistles. The price isn’t too high, although we feel a $19.99 range feels a little more fitting at a competition stand point. So, despite the price and odd numeric pad, for a basic wireless keyboard, it’s great! Especially, if you need something for a living room situation where you can comfortably control devices from your couch.

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