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Review: iClever BoostSound BTS09 Bluetooth Speaker


We have stumbled across another Bluetooth speaker from iClever, this time happening to be their BoostSound (BTS09) speaker that launched in the later half of last year. A little bit larger and heavier than some of the speakers we have spoke about in regards to iClever in the past, and a completely different design.

Normally they go after the typical market for Bluetooth, but this one has a focus on the elegant side of things, with a very modern design to it using an aluminum build and two-tone color approach. The overall body of the speaker is a mix of plastic and aluminum, giving a very durable feel to the product. The stand is aluminum as well and holds its weight quite well. The grill is metal as well. The rest is plastic but well constructed. The grey band that goes around the backside around the section that houses the driver lights up blue and can be controlled from the power button by pressing it (pressing and holding it triggers its on/off state).

It kind of has a shower head design to it and when you look down at the stand from just the right angle and from behind, it kind of forms the Star Wars rebels emblem. As mentioned, there is a lot of weight to this one. It feels as though it goes past just the body which brings you to imagine what the driver inside might look like. It truly feels like a heavy duty speaker, which is great when you begin to build your expectations about what it might sound like.

All buttons for the the speaker are located across the top, with 5 buttons in total, giving you all of the control you need over the speaker. You find all of the typical options, such as the center button that acts as your play/pause button as well as taking calls and triggering your mobile device’s voice assistant. The next and previous buttons also function as your volume control. Nothing new there and they are easily accessible.

The bottom side controls your micro–USB input for charging the speaker with. They say it will provide up to 8 hours of listening experience. So far in our testing of it, we have never charged it when we received it, nor have we since. So battery life seems to be pretty good thus far.

Next to the micro-USB input, you have an microSDHC slot, which is really nice. A Bluetooth speaker with memory card slot so you can throw all of your favorite music on a card vs playing with Bluetooth. Moving on from there, you also have an aux 3.5mm input for wired devices that don’t support Bluetooth.

It has a great range to is as we were able to walk all over without it cutting out until we got far enough to have to radio another person just to make sure if it was still functioning or not. Quality also isn’t too bad.

Honestly, this isn’t an audiophile’s speaker by any means. It does however have more volume than something like the UE Mini Boom, allowing you to fill a pretty large room with it. The range is a little short, but loud for what it is. The mids and highs can really throw a distance, which makes it great for in or outdoor environments.

The bass-end of things leaves you yearning for a little more, so you wouldn’t want to use it for anything bass intensive. For everything else though, it would make a great atmosphere filler for work/office or home. You can take it pretty high before it begins to distort any and I have to say, we didn’t expect to hear what we did when we initially turned it on.

Both wired and wireless sound the same and it supports Bluetooth 4.2, making it compatible with any of your mobile devices for streaming.

Inside the box includes the micro-USB cable for charging the speaker as well as a 3.5mm aux cable for that analog port at the bottom.

Our Conclusion

We liked it a lot. It had a lot more volume than we had expected and a great range to it. The amount of space it can fill is pretty impressive, although it seems to need more low-end (bass). The price falls currently around $69.99 on average and plays nicely with other speakers near it’s price range.


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Our Rating

7.5 / 10 stars           

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*Average price is based on the time this article was published


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Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.2
Transmission distance: 33 Feet
Working time: about 8 hours
Charging time: about 2 hours
Dimension: 220 x 200 x 130 mm
Size: 836g

Package Contents:

IC-BTS09 Bluetooth Speaker
Micro USB Charging Cable
3.5mm Audio Cable
User Manual


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