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Review: iClever BTH20 Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones


Time to take a moment to reflect upon the fact that Bluetooth doesn’t always have to mean expensive. From Beats to Sony and so many more, you might be familiar with in-ear Bluetooth solutions generally falling around the $99-$199 range. These solutions are for those looking for headphones with a wide range, multiple drivers and so forth. However, for those looking for just a basic pair of headphones with wireless capabilities, there are companies like iClever that come to the rescue.

iClever’s BTH20 headphones provide just this. A basic pair of headphones with Bluetooth thrown into the mix, while still including a perfectly functioning in-line remote, comfortable gels and a decent battery life. Looking online, it appears that the initial MSRP was around $45, which would have weighed them down, but currently they are passing for around $31.99, which passes well with us when it comes to features vs budget.

Looking into their design, they offer a very lightweight approach, similar to holding a small necklace in your hand. They fit comfortably with the cable going around the back of your neck and work fine if you prefer it to hang in front.

The in-line remote is located on the right side and is in within comfortable reach. It features the three basic multi-functioning buttons, including two buttons to control track and volume (single press for volume, long press for track control) as well as a single button in the middle that answers calls, can pause/play the music, as well as turn the headphones on and off (and trigger Bluetooth pairing). You hold down the single button until they turn on or off, and while turning it on, if you continue to hold it down, the LED will begin to flash alternate colors, which shows it is in pairing mode. The side of the remote has a small flap that reveals a micro-USB port for charging them with.

They provide multiple gels as well as silicone ear hooks, each can be customized between small, medium and large size options. The customizable silicone pieces are soft and fit well. As usual, you want to pick the size of each that fits as snug as possible, as long as there is no sacrifice in comfort.

Providing you have a nice tight fit, these headphones provide a decent amount of range for their price. Picture a normal pair of $15+ Sony or Panasonic wired earbuds, add in Bluetooth and a remote and you get the BTH20 by iClever. Obviously, they aren’t multi-driver or anything crazy, but you get your highs, mids and lows at a balanced level. You can pair these up with just about anything since they fall into the basic category. They aren’t really lacking much, because you aren’t really expecting much. They aren’t meant to be on the level of audiophile or extraordinary. They are meant to deliver music to your ears wirelessly. The fact that they have a decent amount of bass is an added bonus. So these are perfect for those no looking for reference sound and just need something to get the job done without spending too much.

The plastic casing around the buds feel a little odd in shape, or at least it feels this way when you place them into your ears. Once they are in though, this thought is lost because this feeling fades away as you begin to listen.

Battery life is around 4-6 hours, which isn’t the best, however it should be more than enough for most users to get them through a day of long-term use. This also helps add to the lightweight properties since there is less of a battery, and the battery is generally one of the largest contributors to such (that and driver(s)).

Another added bonus is the fact that they are water resistant, allowing you to run in the rain or sweat it out without worrying about ruining them. You don’t want to submerge them in water, but they should be able to take a beating when it comes to drops and splashes.

As mentioned, there is a small micro-USB port for charging the headphones. The cable is provided in the box which can plug into a laptop or wall charger to get the job done. There are also instructions, which don’t include much since it’s a no brainer if you have ever used wireless headphones before.

Our Conclusion

As long as you aren’t walking into it with the mindset of expecting the best of the best and simply want something affordable instead (and, oh wait, they also sound pretty decent), these are pretty nice. If they stay within the $25-$35 range, they should sell strong at the stores and keep a great score with us. Not everyone floods the stores looking for the big name options with all the bells and whistles. Some people just need something that works. When that happens, these have a pretty nice spot light on them.

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