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Review: iClever Dual Port with Quick Charge 3.0 and Single USB Type-C wall adapters


Once again, we are taking some time to talk about the vast selection of outlet adapters that iClever has to offer. Previously we covered three of their other models, including a single QC 3.0, a regular dual-port and a quad-port solution. This round features their Dual-Port with Quick Charge 3.0 and Dual-Port featuring QC 3.0 (3A) units. One of which targets all of the latest mobile devices entering the market that support Quick Charge support and the other that focuses no the rare gadgets that feature USB Type-C on both ends.

iClever Dual-Port Quick Charge 3.0 

This model is similar to the dual-port model we covered in our past article, except for one thing. The bottom of the two ports supports QC 3.0 for the latest phones and tablets that support the same. This allows you to quickly charge these devices to up to 80% in around 30 minutes. No more standing around by the wall for hours at a time waiting for a decent boost in your days power. Now it only takes a short break and you are off to enjoy yourself.

Since you have an additional port above it, you can throw in another device of any type so that it can get a little juice as well. This port isn’t a QC port, but it will provide what you would normally find in a high-amp solution so that your other devices can piggyback on the fun without taking away from the charging capabilities of the bottom port. It spits out a total of (up to) 30-watts.

Both ports support SmartID for determining the best output for your device without getting carried away. The adapter comes by itself, so you will have to use the cable(s) you already have laying around. It simply replaces your older adapters with something new and powerful.

At the moment, it is retailing for around $16.99 on Amazon and supports Amazon Prime shipping, which isn’t bad.

The Specs:

  • Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz Max 1A
  • Output 1: DC 5V/2.4A(SmartID)
  • Output 2: DC 3.6V-6.5V/2.4A, 6.5V-9V/2A, 9V-12V/1.5A (SmartID & QC 3.0)
  • Power: 30W
  • Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 1.12 mm/2.08 x 2.08 x 1.12 in
  • Weight: 81g/2.86oz


Dual-Port featuring QC 3.0 (3A)

This is a single-port solution for devices and cables that feature a Type-C plug on both ends. Although rare at the moment, a number of devices may feature one of these cables, like the Nexus 5 that we covered last year. It comes with a USB Type-C cable yet doesn’t wield a wall adapter in the box. Kind of bones the buyer if they don’t already have a USB Type-C adapter–and most (right now) do not. This iClever adapter answers that call for help with a solution that can charge that device with up to 3A of output (a max output of 30 watts), allowing it to charge quickly.

Although it feels a little limited for use as only a few mobile devices require this at the moment, it picks up by supporting the latest MacBook models that supports Type-C connections for power. So maybe that sounds a little better since you can throw a laptop in the mix as well.

It will work with any type of cable that features a USB Type-C connector, regardless of what’s on the other end. So in the future, as various odd converters roll out into the market, you will have some flexibility there.

A little more expensive than some of their others, it is currently running for about $19.99 on Amazon with support for Prime. We kind of felt like it should have a regular Type-A USB connector as well so that the adapter could be a little more universal in use for this price. That would finish it off with a perfect score from us. At least, for what it’s supposed to do, it does it quite well and the fact that it can charge your MacBook is a saving variable.

The Specs:

  • Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, Max. 0.8A
  • Output: DC 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 15V/ 2A, 20V/1.5A( Max.30W)
  • Size: 2.09 x 2.09 x 1.12 (in)


Our Conclusion

Both chargers do their job and do it well. Each offering up to 30 watts of power and the ability to charge your most hungry devices, they make perfect travel companions. Both of them feature back-lit ports that feature a nice soft blue LED glow to help you find them in dark areas and neither model pulls any noticeable power to keep them lit. They fit easily into whatever form of carrying solution you use and feature a great design to them that mimics some of the top mobile designers. Very iPhone-ish in look. The price is right for the most part and the Type-C can charge a laptop (as long as it supports that connection type). A pretty good buy for those always on the go.

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