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Review: OxyLED OxySense T-04 Motion Activated LED Bar


So here we go again, breaking the bubble of our normal target material by talking about an LED light that isn’t so much a smart or connected device, but is still cool in itself (and even a little smart–I mean, it has motion detection after all). The OxyLED OxySense T-04 light is a motion activated LED bar that can be installed just about anywhere and does exactly that. It detects motion, and then it turns on.

The question is, what makes it special? What makes it different from any other LED light? That would be the fact that it comes with a removable USB-enabled battery section. It easily slides away to unplug/detach from the light so you can recharge it just about anywhere (wall adapter, PC, a portable battery bank, etc) when the light begins to lose power. So there is no unscrewing panels and replacing batteries. Simply recharge and you are back in action. It’s a fun bonus to a normal LED light. The battery is 900mAh and should give you a decent amount of light before you have to recharge it.

As mentioned, it can be installed just about anywhere. You have multiple mounting options available to you, including built-in magnets (they are small and don’t work miracles but they are strong enough for it to hang upside down from a surface without dropping). You can also use the included bracket or wall plate, by screwing them into the wall. Then the light will either snap into the wall plate or slide down into the bracket (depending on which you use, or if you decide to use both). The bracket is shown being used on the USB/battery section, but we found it made more sense to install it via the opposite side so the battery can still be removed easily without messing with the light.

On the opposite side of the battery, there is also a small tab that can be slid out, which allows it to be hung from a nail or hook. Finally, there is also double-sided tape where you can give it a more permanent home. Personally, we recommend using the replaceable mountain strips by Command if you were to choose that option. They great for when you decide to change your mind later on, without causing any damage to paint or other surfaces. Not to mention, you can use them on just about anything (nearly), not just Command’s hook products.

The light has a soft glow to it, which isn’t piercing to the eyes any and it is just bright enough to act as somewhat of a bright night light when working in the dark. It isn’t going to light up an entire room, but it will allow you to focus clearly on a small space, like a section of countertop. There are 25 LEDs located under the diffuser that gives them an even spread.

There are 3 options to the switch (located on the end opposite of the battery), which allows you to turn it off, on or auto. Turning it to auto is what activates the motion sensor. The sensor is pretty accurate and we didn’t find any troubles at all with getting it to trigger. It powers off somewhere around 20 seconds from the time is stops detecting motion.

Our Conclusion

It’s a great little LED bar and serves its function quite well. Being able to detach the battery section without having to remove the entire light or worry about any battery hatches is a cool feature. It can be installed just about anywhere, which is great. It could use a little more brightness with the option to control it maybe (of course, this would affect battery life though).

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– Wattage: 2.5W
– Brightness: 100LM
– Sensitivity: 3m/10ft
– Sensor range: 120 degrees
– LED quantity: 25 LED
– Light color: cool white
– LED life: 50,000 hours or more
– Battery: built-in 3.7V/900mAh lithium battery
– Size: 400mm x 37mm x 18mm
– Material: aluminum + ABS
– Weight:130g

Package Contents:

– 1 x OxyLED T-04 Motion Sensor Night Light
– 4 x Screw
– 2 x 3M Adhesive Tape
– 1 x Bracket
– 1 x Wall Plate
– 1 x User Manual
– 1 x Warranty Card

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