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Review: Paby 3G GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor


The Paby Pet Tracker is a cute little unit shaped like a bowtie, that comes in 5 different color schemes, you can choose one to fit your pet’s personality, from a feminine design to a more masculine theme. It arrives in it’s own collapsible pet dish with a plastic cover, which is great if you and your best friend are avid hikers.

I love the little magnetic charging cord, it snaps right onto the bottom of the tracker, no need to fumble around for your glasses to find the port here, with the magnet you just need to be in the neighborhood for it to connect.

It also comes with a small screwdriver that you will need to remove the extremely tiny screws to find the SIM card inside under a little trapdoor. Make sure to put back the rubber strap holder that holds the unit onto the collar back on when you put it back together, it is no picnic getting those microscopic screws back into their spaces. I neglected to do so and had to go back and repeat this exercise in patience. Fortunately you do not need to remove the back unless you choose to change cellular providers/SIM Card.

The unit is a little over 2.25 ” long, 1.5″ wide and just under 3/4″ thick and weighs in at about 1.15 ounces, which isn’t much when you think about it, but it does seem a bit heavy and bulky for a small cat to carry around on its neck.

Next step is to download the Paby app onto your Smartphone (Android or iOS supported) where you will be able to enter your pet’s Profile and your home location. You can add as many devices/pets as you want to. You are then able to set up a “Virtual Fence” perimeter, which will allow you to receive alerts if your pet leaves this area. There is also a “Virtual Leash” option which will notify you if your pet leaves your Wifi area.

You are also able to set up your pet’s activity monitor, which can monitor your pet’s activity while you are away and also give you suggested daily exercise recommendations. It also has a colored light for night walking that can be activated from the app on your phone.

There is also a handy feature which allows you to set the tracker to turn on & off at specific times, which can be great for cats that head out on their rounds at night.

When we tested the tracking on the unit it was fairly accurate, but my main concern is battery life. The battery lasted 4-5 days with very minimal use. If this was a life or death situation for my pet and I was having trouble locating him, the battery life would be significantly shorter, especially if the unit wasn’t fully charged when he/she went missing. This would be a game changer for me when purchasing a GPS tracker for my dog. It does however give you an alert msg when your battery is needing a charge.

It is my hope that they can fix this issue and have a much stronger battery life in the near future for their product. Otherwise I really like the Paby GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor. It is Stylish, it is waterproof and it’s only $79.99 on


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