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Review: Samsung PN60F8500 60-Inch Plasma HDTV (Smart, 1080p, 3D)



Now we had to stop for a moment and consider this review as the second we hear the word “Plasma”, we wanted to walk away (we generally do). Plasma’s tend to receive a very biased opinion around here, making it very difficult to create an unbiased review to share with you. Samsung however, has brought us the PN60F8500, and fortunately for them, we were able to stick around long enough to admit that it was review-worthy. There aren’t a lot of companies pushing hard for plasma since LEDs have taken a preference due to the energy efficiency and small profile that they offer. Samsung however, decided to continue a small push into this category by showing that plasma still has a position in the market, due to the fact that plasma still delivers the brightest color among TV types, and this model really touches on this benefit.

The Samsung PN60F8500 series plasma HDTV delivers the up most image quality that a plasma can, providing a very bright and crystal clear image, deep blacks and vivid colors regardless of the lighting conditions of the room. The brightness is actually more noticeable than most other plasma models and brands. Viewing angles are also dead on, the screen has a very nice gloss to it and it comes with blast of features

Normally, we shun the fact that plasmas consume more power than LED/LCD HDTVs, are much heavier and are not as space efficient. This TV doesn’t offer much improvement in these areas, but it does consume less than the average plasma, and the depth isn’t all that bad at about 2 inches.

Where it doesn’t battle the normal cons that hard, it balances with picture and features.

What you will find comes with it is 4 pairs of 3d glasses, IR blaster for your cable box (most of the Samsungs will come with this now), ribbon stand, and Samsung’s touchpad remote.

The picture is very smooth, crisp and accurate in color. Both bright rooms and dark result in an impressive image. Great for high action sports, movies, TV and video games, this plasma will not disappoint at all. It delivers realistic 3D, and sports the most popular app hub among smart tv brands (no other brand lives up to the select of apps that Samsung has to offer).

The TV is looks great for those looking to hang it on the wall due to it’s depth, although since it is a plasma and weighs in at 80lbs, you are going to want to make certain that it is secured well.

Sound-wise, the speakers on this TV aren’t all that impressive, but very few TVs offer an exception in this area. The sound is more than sufficient for anyone looking for typical TV ambient sound and for anything else, you would want to connect it to a stereo or soundbar.

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There is also a built-in microphone and camera at the top of the set that allows for gesture and voice control of the unit.

The stand is a little wide (same width at the TV) which forces a wide area for it to sit (there will be no balancing of it on smaller profile shelves/stands. Because of this, you may prefer that it be hung on the wall. Then again, most people prefer this by default any more these days since it helps to maximize the square footage in a room.

The remote is highly functional, albeit sometimes a little sensitive, and connects via Bluetooth to maximize it’s distance and angle (there will be no attempting to point it at just the right angle to get it to work right). The touchpad is more than useful and we are glad that Samsung has been making a push towards this remote on it’s nicer models. It makes navigating the menus of the hub and smart apps a breeze, as well as any screen that requires you to search for something. It isn’t too small and it isn’t too big and seems to fit in your hand just right.

The biggest issues this TV has is the price. At $2399+, this is a pricey plasma screen. Normally, plasma has survived in the market due to lowered prices to help compete with the LED competition. It was a little risky for Samsung to deliver this TV at such a high price. Thankfully, the PN60F8500 is the “high-end” of plasma screens, offering the same features that a “high-end” LED would. As to how well that justifies the price, is up to you the buyer.

Our Conclusion

The PN60F8500 provides a great picture, thinner plasma frame, brighter colors, blackest of blacks and a smorgasbord of options. The price is a little high and it still consumes more power than an LED…but it really has a nice picture. It took us awhile to agree on a solid rating and finally confirmed with a 7.0 out of 10. If you are a plasma fan, this is an ideal solution for you!

7 / 10 stars           



Additional Images:
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– Super Contrast Panel
– Real Black Pro
– Full HD 1080p
– 600Hz Subfield Motion
– Cinema Smooth+TM
– Wide Color Enhancer Plus
– Clear Image Panel

– Quad Core Processor
– Smart Hub
– Full Web Browser
– S-Recommendation

Smart Interaction 2.0
– Built-in Pop-up Camera
– Voice Recognition
– Gesture Recognition

– Allshare™
– Samsung Smart View (Mirroring/Clone View/Dual View)
2D and 3D in Full HD


– 4 HDMI® Connections
– 3 USB Connections
– Wi-Fi® Built-in
– 1 Component in
– 1 Shared Composite in (AV)

– Dolby® Digital Plus/Pulse
– DTS Premium Sound | 5.1™ decoding with DNSe+ processing
– 3D Sound

– Smart Touch Remote Control
– 4 pairs of 3D Active Glasses
– IR Blaster

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