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Review: Samsung UN40EH5300 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV


Looking for a simple 40″ flat TV at a good price? Samsung’s UN40EH5300 might be a good option for you. Before we start into our review, let’s begin with two major points.

  1. This TV can now be found (on average) on Amazon for around $450 or less.
  2. It’s a Smart TV and Samsung has the best supported A/V device app store.

That goes together pretty well when delivering you a TV that pretty much anyone could afford.

Now for the review!


This TV has a wonderful display that delivers vibrant colors and detail at 1080p. It’s glossy screen helps give it that extra fancy touch of quality. Text is displayed perfectly (both small and large). There is no light bleeding that we could find either. The refresh rate only weighs in at 60Hz so you may seem a little drag here and there when something is moving quickly across the screen but at the price, it feels quite easy to compromise for.

Like most Samsung smart devices, this TV has a vast collection of apps bot installed and ready to install via it’s store. This has always won our respect when it comes to Samsung. The only time this ever gets a bad grade from us, is when the menus moving slowly when navigating the app store (which some of their older devices were effected by).

The app store, firmware process and menu system all move quickly and video can be streamed without any interruptions (as long as you have a high speed connection). It supports both ethernet (RJ45 network cable) and offers built-in WiFi that does lose signal or anything (as some of the older devices used to do). It also supports sharing of DLNA-enabled devices.

On the back, you will find 3 HDMI inputs, both a composite and component combined input, as well as 2 USB ports (one powered in case you want to plug in an external hard drive) for hard drives, thumb drives and even keyboards. It also supports digital audio-out so you can pair it with a nice receiver for deeper sound.

The built-in speakers aren’t going to be its strongest point like most flat TVs, however they are still perfect for the size of the TV and perform just fine for the limited space they have inside such a small space. We tried the TV in both a small room (comparable to a spare room in a house) and a much larger room (comparable to an over-sized master bedroom or game room) and it sounded just fine. Plus, if you have the TV connected to a stereo system, it’s not going to matter.

It offers most of the typical settings that you will find on a Samsung smart TV and only takes a few tweaks to get the best picture out of it. It also features a smart eco mode that adjusts brightness automatically based on the lighting conditions to minimize energy consumption (a lot of the newer TVs are doing this now). Additionally, it offers the popular game mode which helps to reduce any kind of delay in the image refresh to assist with online gaming (although most [or all]people won’t really see the difference).

This model does not support 3D which is expected due to the price, so if you’re not a big fan of 3D technology yet and/or just need a cheap TV to throw on the wall somewhere (that looks amazing), this will be just fine.

Also a fun note, is that it supports a wide range of formats when it comes to playing files from USB devices. In our trials, we were able to playback all sorts of files on our thumb drive including trailers, movies, music videos and various other video content that we had stored on it.

The conclusion: This TV easily weighs in with 8 out of 10 stars as it’s functional, affordable and offers all sorts of features that you normally wouldn’t find at the price. We would have given it a 8.5 possibly if it had a remote with a qwerty keyboard on the back.

Additional information and best price: Click here
**Updated 12/28/2013: Touched on a few points with further detail, while adding a few others.

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8 / 10 stars          

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