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Review: Sound Intone Folding Over-Ear Headphones


Here’s a little something for those not looking to spend anything at all (mostly). An over-ear solution that currently falls in at less than $20 and folds away for easy storage. Nothing wireless, no audiophile bells or whistles. Just a pair of basic cans for your head to get you through the day–while still looking kind of cool.

Sound Intone’s folding over-ear style headphones (or what they refer to as DJ-style headphones) is exactly this. A basic pair of cans. They were nice enough to send us a pair to check out and here is what we thought!

If frequency range and quality isn’t on your shopping list of requirements. If you aren’t looking to spend much at all and have typically visited Radio Shack (RIP) to find yourself happy with one of those old metal-band style headphones with black foam muffs on the ends; this may be a good bet for you.

These headphones are not much greater outside of soft pleather muffs that almost cover your ears and a fancy exterior. So you basically get your basic entry level headphones with the added bonus of a good look to them and an in-line microphone. Factor in the price and you pretty much get exactly what you would expect, especially since we have a code for you below after the conclusion to save a little extra on them.


The design involves a two-tone plastic body, pleather cushions and a soft layer of rubber on the bottom side of the band that goes over your head for some added comfort. The specific model they sent us is there gold/black option, and it does pop pretty well, so you  know it will look much better than your old metal-band style of years past. The rubber later on the bottom side of the band doesn’t have anything inside (like foam), so all you get is a slight air gap. So it provides a comfortable area of contact more than anything, but nothing soft to absorb weight after long-term use.


The foam on the muffs is pretty soft and comfy, but we find that it isn’t completely comfortable after long-term use. Of course, you aren’t paying top dollar for top dollar parts. You are paying an entry level price for entry level parts. So it’s kind of expected. The size of the muffs are adequate to cover your ear but not fully cup it. Feels more like a cross between over-ear and on-ear. They would be perfect for the ears of younger children for sure.


They do expand on the sides to adjust to the size of your head and they fold together nicely for fitting them into a bag or something. There is no drawstring bag or anything to store them in, but you can always improvise with this. We tend to use Crown Royal bags (that usually comes with the bottles) to store headphones that don’t have a home. Perfect for protecting them from basic scratching.

Sound quality is mostly focused around the mid-range of frequencies. The highs seem a little muffled, so crisp clarity is out, but there is a small bass presence which is nice. Nothing that is going to make you jump around and jerk your body in pleasure to any bass drops, but definitely present.

There is nothing else in the box outside of a small waranty slip. The cable itself is built right into the headphones, so there are no accessories.

You have three color options to choose from, including the gold/black model we have covered, as well as a gray/black and black/red.

Our Conclusion

As I mentioned, this is an entry level pair of headphones. The entry price is what sells them since you are receiving exactly what you are buying into. They fold well and store nicely. Even better if you have a pouch laying around to help protect them from scratching. Best for children because you won’t be concerned about them breaking as you could easily buy another pair without any major flinching. Sound quality also helps sell to the much younger age group since their ears aren’t quite looking for a fine range just yet.

You get a basic range with muffled highs. Usually a younger child is happy to have anything on their ears. The size of the muffs would also be perfect for this as they aren’t so “over-ear” as you would like if you have adult ears. There are no bells and whistles, but you can use them for phone calls at least. The price. The price is what seals them into the right category. Stylish, but still basic. Entry level, but with a little extra huzzah. Check out the Amazon button below and find a discount code underneath to help seal the deal if basic is exactly what you need!


Save $7.99 with the following code at checkout for a limited time: H49ZW9NV

Our Rating

6.5 / 10 stars           

Average Price*

(or less with discount code)

*Average price is based on the time this article was published


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Driver diameter: 40mm
Impedance: 32?
Sensitivity: 103dB ± 3dB
Frequency range: 20-20KHz
Plug type: 3.5mm
Mic impedance: ?2.2K?
Mic sensitivity: -42dB ± 3dB
Mic frequency range: 100-10KHz

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