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Review: The Edge Gamepad – NES Classic Edition & Wii U Controller


Here we are: two months after the Christmas shopping madness, and I finally find a second NES Classic Edition Controller for my NES Classic Edition from Santa. In the original NES console a player only needed one controller, the game system would just change player and one would have to pass the controller back and forth. With the emulator based NES Classic Edition, that is not how it plays out. When I had one controller, I had to physically unplug the controller from the player one slot and quickly plug it into the player two slot. All that really meant was my wife and I have not been playing any 2 player games with the new/old system.

Lo and behold: this past weekend I walked into “Unnamed Brick and Mortar” store and on the usually empty NES Classic Edition display there sat ONE, yes ONE new Game Controller. It’s not the actual Nintendo controller I have been looking to buy, but at this point, I’d rather have a second game pad than not. The Edge Gamepad is distributed by Interworks Unlimited and comes in a rather nice looking box. On that note: What’s in the box?

This gamepad bundle includes the controller, a Classic Edition adapter, and a bonus Cheat Code Book appropriate for all 30 games included with the NES Classic Edition. This gamepad’s cable, unlike the controller included with the NES Classic Edition console, is actually 9 ft long, which is great. The controller that came with the console is only 2.5 ft long, so I had to purchase a 6 ft extension just to play the games without sitting directly next to the TV and console. If you want to use this pad with your Nintendo Wii U, remove the NES Classic Edition adapter. Don’t lose it! You might eventually find that NES Classic Edition game system at Buy from Amazon and need it.

Although this controller has a very familiar “Classic Nintendo” look, it’s got a few features which the NES Classic Edition Controller does not. In addition to the “Select” and “Start” buttons, the Direction pad, and the B and A play buttons you have the following: Above the Select and Start buttons is a Turbo Switch. This allows one to choose Turbo on either the A or B button. Above the B button is the Turbo play button, and above the A button is an B+A combo switch if you don’t have the dexterity to double button, which is used a lot in the older 8 bit games. For example: In Mario Bros, you would use that combo so your character can RUN FASTER and JUMP HIGHER.

The cheat code book is just that: A Classic Edition Cheat Codes book for every one of the 30 games included with the NES Classic Edition. It is a multi language book with a nice paperback style and card stock cover. Even though I bought the game pad here in Las Vegas, Nevada, the two languages are English and French. Really? French? It contains gamer tips for each game. The book also has cheat codes for each game where it is appropriate. Some are passwords and some are control codes. Both allow the player to either move around the game to different levels, or to manipulate the character’s abilities in the games for which such codes are appropriate.


The bottom line

The Edge Gamepad for NES Classic Edition(or Wii U) is exactly what it looks like. It’s responsive. It’s flexible. It comes with a great cheat/tips book. Once you get your NES Classic Edition console, if you want to play the 2 player games, you will want to add a second controller for convenience. The Edge Gamepad fits the bill. 8.9 out of 10. No point having French in the Cheat book on West Coast, next time try Spanish.


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