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Review: VIZIO M801i-A3 80-Inch M-Series LED Smart HDTV (No 3D)


Update: Also see VIZIO’s new M80-C3 80-inch affordable 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Once again, we were able to sit down with one of Vizio’s 80-inch TVs and give it our best opinion based on competition and performance. The M801i-A3 is Vizio’s latest model of the 80-inch series (this year’s model) and most of what we have been able to discover so far is that it is exactly the same as last year’s model, only minus the support for 3D, and slightly cheaper.

Once again, we were impressed with the price tag as you get a lot of screen for the price. You could spend $2999 on a 55-inch 4K UHD-TV, or you can spend $2999 on 80-inches of 1080p! I guess the victor in that choice depends on you, but 80-inches makes for a wonderful movie experience.

When we first reviewed last years model, we focused on how it beat out the competition price-wise, including Sharp’s lineup and became one of our most popular articles all year. Fast forward to today, now we have developed a different opinion. Although the M801i-A3 makes for a great TV for the price (we don’t advise against it), this time around, Sharp has won our hearts with their 80-inch Aquos Q+ Series TV. The Sharp’s screen quality is greater than this years Vizio and isn’t that much greater in price.

So the Vizio this time is going to have to sell more to the niche that isn’t looking for 3D and is more worried about saving that extra $500-1000.

Just like last years model, this one is also edge-lit. We couldn’t find any troubles with bleeding around the edges which is good, and no troubles with glowing (spots) in all lighting situations.

The blacks in this TV are rich and noticeable and colors are vibrant. Honestly, we couldn’t find any difference in the picture quality when comparing it to last year’s models findings. It really is, essentially, the same exact screen (without 3D).

We didn’t notice any difference in speed when it came to maneuvering around the apps and menus. This is good since last years model met our standards in responsiveness. They could have improved on this a little, but we are satisfied.

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Again, the controller is nothing to be excited about. It doesn’t rock your world with features, but instead delivers the basics just like the model before. You may be more interested in upgrading to something like a Logitech Harmony or you may be perfectly sound with the one it comes with. It all comes down to personal preferences.

The built-in speakers are average, which we expected. If you have read any of our other TV reviews, you will notice this is a common viewpoint of ours. No flat TV is going to provide jaw dropping sound. The closest you are going to get are the Sony HDTVs with crazy speakers on the front-side (which personally, none of us found to be aesthetically attractive while demoing. As always, if you want jaw dropping sound, connect a receiver and speakers to it (or soundbar).

No issues with the firmware, but then again, sometimes it could take weeks while playing with a TV before you run into any firmware bugs. Thankfully there aren’t any immediate bugs or other troubles in our test. As usual, we always suggest updating to the latest firmware the first chance you get. The same goes for any device. It may fix a few bugs you haven’t ran into yet, or it could add additional features to the app store that you didn’t have before (or wireless display sharing capabilities for mobile devices).

Our Conclusion

We think that Vizio’s intention this round, was to provide a “version” of last years model without 3D so that consumers have a choice. Before, the only 80-inch they had was the 3D model. Given, you don’t have to use the 3D features of a TV, but this does at least drop the price a little. So if you want 80-inches but don’t have any need for 3D, this is the model you would want between the two. However, if you are looking for the best picture for the price (and don’t mind spending a little bit more), we would have to recommend (again) Sharp’s new Q+ series TV as it beats all of Vizio’s (current) 80-inch models.

We chose to give the Vizio M801i-A3 80″ M-Series LED Smart TV  8 stars out of 10. It may not have beaten out the Sharp this time, but it still proves to be an AMAZING TV for the price. Gigantic screen, tons of features, aesthetically pleasing and one low price! Keep it up Vizio!


(They also have a 70″ located here.)

Additional Images:
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Tech Specs:


  • Screen Size80″ Class
  • Screen Size (Diag.)80.01″
  • Backlight TypeRazor LED
  • Local DimmingYes, Active LED Zones x16
  • Resolution1920×1080
  • Effective Refresh Rate240Hz
  • Smooth Motion360
  • Aspect Ratio16:9
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio10 Million to 1
  • Viewable Angle (H/V)176°/176°
  • Number of Colors1.07 Billion
  • OSD LanguageEnglish, Spanish, French


  • Speakers/Power Output10W x 2
  • DTS StudioSound™Yes
  • DTS TruSurroundYes
  • DTS TruVolume™Yes


  • HDMI Ports4 (1 side / 3 down)
  • Component1 (side)
  • Composite1 (side)
  • Tuner1 (down)
  • Ethernet1 (down)
  • USB Ports2 (side)


  • Analog Audio Out1 (down)
  • Digital Audio Out (SPDIF)1 (down)

Multimedia Features

  • VIA (VIZIO Internet Apps)Yes, VIZIO Internet Apps Plus®
  • MusicYes
  • PhotoYes
  • VideoYes

Additional Features

  • Built-in Wi-FiYes, 802.11n
  • Remote ControlXRT510

Energy Savings

Energy Guide

  • Energy ComplianceENERGY STAR® 6.0
  • Power Consumption105.9W
  • Standby Power Consumption<1W
  • Ambient Light SensorYes

Wall Mount Specifications

  • Mount Pattern600mm x 400mm
  • Screw SizeM6
  • Screw Length10mm

Size and Weight

  • Product with Stand Dimensions71.21”W x 43.43”H x 12.80”D
  • Product with Stand Weight134.48 lbs.
  • Product without Stand Dimensions71.21”W x 41.10”H x 2.62”D
  • Product without Stand Weight113.98 lbs.
  • Product Packaging Dimensions75.00”W x 45.71”H x 9.13”D
  • Product Packaging Weight160.94 lbs.

VIZIO Warranty

  • WarrantyOne Year Parts & Labor. Free Lifetime Technical Support.



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8 / 10 stars          

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