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Review: Waterproof Sony Walkman NWZ-W270 MP3 Player


Sony Walkman NWZ-W270

Sony developed a wireless Walkman MP3 player and headphones (in one) that is truly waterproof and was brave enough to market it in a way that proves that it actually delivers on such promise.

This player/earbuds combo launched inside of a water bottle inside of special vending machines. These vending machines were spread out to specific pools for consumers to discover. We don’t know if the water was actually consumable or not, but it was a great concept.

The Walkman comes with 4GB of internal storage for your music and provides about 60 minutes of playback time on a full charge, which takes about/only 3 minutes to charge (which is nice give they only last an hour). It can be submerged as far as 6 to 6.5 feet deep.

It stands alone, without any Bluetooth support. So no phone is need, nor will in pair anyway. It is best described as a waterproof iPod Nano that straps directly to your ears (the controls are similar as well, in terms of number of buttons and what they do).

You can now find them in store and online (without the water bottle) for $99 or less. It is a great solution if you are a fish by heart and spend a lot of time in the water. Also great for hikes in the rain or whatever your aquatic heart desires.


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7 / 10 stars          

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