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Review: Xiaomi (Mi) Mini Bluetooth speaker


Another Bluetooth speaker to rest your ears on, the Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth speaker is an additional solution that will hide away in your favorite bag or cargo pants pocket. It can easily fit in the palm of your hand it is so small, but don’t let its size deceive you. This little half-20oz can of a speaker can put out a lot of volume with a surprising amount of low end.

This was sent out to use by to take a look at and giveaway (details below). As mentioned, it is about half the size of a soda can, only slightly wider in diameter. It weighs something similar to an X-Mini and has a clean design to it. The speaker comes in black and has a thin LED that wraps around the speaker towards the bottom. It is an all-plastic design, is top-firing and sits flat on any surface.

Underneath, you find 3 buttons that also function as the speaker’s feet. Two of which are your volume up and down, and the third button is your power, play/pause and pairing mode control. The volume up and down buttons are self-explanatory. The power/play button functions as your play/pause control with a single push. Pressing it for a number of seconds turns it on and off, and if you press is for half the length while it is on, enables pairing mode so that you can connect with new devices.

The controls are simple to use, but they can be a little touchy if you sit the speaker down a little too hard on a surface. You tend to press down on one of the feet easily, causing the track you are listening to, to pause. This isn’t much trouble, but can catch your attention once in awhile.

The range of the speaker is mostly highs with a good bass presence. The highs are very sharp and bright, leading to a great deal of volume. The lows can hit pretty hard, leading to a positive impression as you don’t expect such a moderate amount coming out of something so small. There isn’t much for the middle range, but that’s fine due to the price.

In certain tracks, you do notice a bit of tinny vibration coming from inside the speaker. You don’t always get this, but certain tracks bring it out more than others and once in awhile it can be a little distracting, causing you to choose a new track. One of about every 15-20 tracks or so, we ran into something that resulted in a lot of vibration and some tracks resulted in no vibration at all. It also helps to not max out the volume (which can lead to distortion in most speakers to begin with).

Range is mediocre at about 20-30 feet and doesn’t handle obstructions too well. So plan on keeping your music source nearby at all times. This isn’t a crazy expensive speaker that can travel 50-100 feet away from your phone as you walk around the house. This speaker is designed for smaller situations like dorm rooms, small offices or a stationary spot in your house where you don’t expect to move around much nor require mind-bending sound.

Battery life is similar to some of the nicer speaker options, lasting you about 9-12 hours until needing to be recharged. This is great for the price as you don’t always get into this range until you spend about twice as much or more.

There are no accompanying apps or anything hidden surprises. It’s just a Bluetooth speaker that is designed to be small, loud and carry a fair amount of bass while costing you next to nothing to invest into. The price varies from about $25-35 depending on where you pick one up. You could find one on Amazon for around $30 or get it from GearBest for just less than $25 (best price) with free shipping. This works out well since they were kind of enough to send us this one to test out and giveaway. Kind of a win-win for them (and you).

There is a small microphone on board so that you can use it as a speakerphone for your smartphone device. Call quality is above-mediocre resulting in a conversation where neither side is requesting the other to repeat themselves. It isn’t designed to work from across the room, so you will want to keep it close for clarity.

Inside the box, you find your instructions and warranty information along with a micro-USB charging cable. There is no 3.5mm input, so this would be for Bluetooth use only.

Our Conclusion

It’s a tough little speaker for a rock bottom price. It doesn’t have the greatest range of sound to it, but it definitely doesn’t deliver bad sound. We have played with a lot of speakers that come close to this price but fail hard when it comes to performance. The battery life is great as well. For around $25, this is one of the better once you can get your hands on. Just don’t max out your volume and keep it to small environments and you have a pretty solid speaker. Compatible with any media playback device that supports Bluetooth.

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8 / 10 stars           

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Primary Features Model: Xiaomi
Design: Classical, Portable
Supports: Microphone, Bluetooth, Hands-free Calls
Functions: Stereo
Compatible With: Tablet PC, PC, iPod, iPhone, MP4, PSP, MP5, Laptop, Mobile Phone
Connection: Wireless
Audio Source: Bluetooth Enabled Devices
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Technical Parameters Bluetooth Version: V4.0+EDR
Transmission Distance: W/O obstacles 10m
Other Parameters Power Source: Battery
Charging Time: 4 hours
Lasting Time: 13 hours
Battery Capacity: 3.7V / 2000mAh
Operating Range: 10m
Dimension and Weight Product Weight: 0.197 kg
Package Weight: 0.38 kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 7.4 x 7.4 x 5.1 cm / 2.91 x 2.91 x 2.00 inches
Package Size (L x W x H): 8.4 x 8.0 x 7.1 cm / 3.30 x 3.14 x 2.79 inches
Package Contents Package Contents: 1 x Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker, 1 x USB Cable

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