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Review: ZNT FIT – Another fine product from the folks at ZNT


The Folks at ZNT have sent us another great earbud to evaluate this Christmas Season, just in time for the stocking stuffers. The ZNT Fit is a tiny bluetooth earbud designed for use with smartphones but my testing tells me that this tiny powerhouse is ready for just about any use when paired with just about any bluetooth enabled device. And folks? It’s only $16.99 USD at Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

What’s in the Box

ZNT is really thinking about the end user when they put together this package: Besides the tiny earbud, included are: two USB Magnetic Charge plates, small, medium, and large ear pads, and a very convenient zippered carry case with a mesh pocket inside. I used that for the spare ear pads. The ZNT Fit is very small, and very comfortable. For most Bluetooth ear buds I have evaluated in the last year, I have been using a medium ear pad. With the ZNT Fit, I am using the smallest ear piece and find it fits snugly, comfortably, and I mostly forget I have it in my ear if I am waiting on phone calls. I have used the Fit with my Android and Apple devices with no issues. I have used it for answering phone calls, returning phone calls, listening to music and television, and practicing my Spanish from a phone app. It also has an instruction booklet with very small printing in English on one side and some Asian language on the other side. Let’s call it “Chinese”

How does it sound?

The ZNT Fit sounds great for such a tiny device. I have a few issues, but most are because of the limitations of a mono earpiece. It doesn’t get LOUD. Not with music, not with voices, not when connected to any or all of my devices including but not limited to: Ipad2, Ipad3, Nexus Tablet, Fire HD Tablet, Galaxy 5 Phone(I like it, it’s waterproof: I’m clumsy). I was able to have clear conversations when connected to my phone and those with whom I was speaking said I sounded clear, and not like I was talking in a giant echo chamber, like some of the other bluetooth devices I have tested. When I was using it to listen to music, or tv shows from the tablet, it was clear and seemed to be balanced highs and lows. Because of the tiny size of the ZNT Fit, don’t expect thrilling bass. There just isn’t enough room to create that illusion.

Notable Features

The ZNT Fit has the usual array of earbud features operated by a single multi function button. The earbud is connected to the charger with hidden magnets and tiny connection pins. A red Led shows it is charging and a blue LED indicates a full charge. Charging time vary from .5 hours to 1.5 hours. I found that to be true when initially charging the device out of the box. The manufacturer claims Bluetooth range of approximately 33 ft, which is pretty standard. In practice, I am able to leave my Galaxy S5 in my home office, then walk around most of the house without losing connection. I’ve only lost connection when my phone was on the other floor and we were in completely opposite ends of the home. That’s about 40ft through floors. ZNT claims Talk time of 6-8 hours at 80% of volume, and Play time for music of about 6.5 hours at 50% volume.


When I first powered up the Fit unit it was instantly ready to pair. I have hooked it to many devices with no problems hearing the signals. The unit uses a voice prompt when powering up, or down, to indicate battery level, or to indicate connection or disconnection from a device. It also indicated incoming calls, and when you reject a call. The prompt has an unusual accent, and I swear the woman is saying “Battewy” like Elmer Fudd. The music mode is pretty basic: the multi function button will pause/play the track. The ZNT Fit will auto connect to the last device connected when it is powered up. After five minutes of being powered up the Fit will power back down if there is no device connected. I have also had it disconnect from the paired device after five minutes of being out of range of the phone, exactly as described in the instruction booklet.

The ZNT Fit earbud is primarily designed for phone use and that is where the multifunction button really comes into play. By pushing either the middle of the button or the “top” you can do such standard Bluetooth device actions such as Answering a call(Tap button) Ending a Call(Tap Button) Rejecting a Call(Hold button for 2-3 seconds until you hear a long, loud BEEP), and Redialing the last number(Double tap the Button). All of these functions work as described, and that’s it.

Now Hear This

Simple. Easy. Tiny. Lightweight. Almost jumps out of my hand to connect to the charger. Good sound for a small body, but don’t expect your Atomic Death Metal to tear your head off or some House Music to transport you back to last year’s Electronic Daisy Carnival. That being said this is probably the most comfortable earpiece I’ve played with in some months. I constantly forget I have it in my ear, and then I get a phone call and remember. That’s after 3 days of wearing it for about ten hours a day with very little fatigue. The ZNT Fit is a no fuss Bluetooth earpiece with no frills, but no real complaints, either. At the 16.99 price at Amazon, this unit is a 9.5. The ZNT Fit is going to be my go to earpiece until I get the next no fuss device in my mailbox.


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9.5 / 10 stars           

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$16.99 USD

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