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Review: Seagate’s Shiny New 4TB Drives Are Perfect and Affordable for Storage and Backup Needs


Seagate recently launched their new 4TB drives and boy do they fall into the category of both affordable and functional. We had the honor of being able to try out some of these new drives and were amazing at what we found. The performance of these drives was great providing speeds that any PC user could benefit from. We were able to transfer large loads of information to them quickly and the drives maintained good temperatures as well through-out the process. By large loads of information, I mean we stress tested the “crap” out of these drives.

Seagate’s 4TB Internal Drive

The internal 4TB drive (available/seen here) is a great drive if your looking to add space to a system. In our tests we used two drives adding one as a whole and partitioning the other to 4x1TB partitions. We bounced data all over the place in both large loads of small files and small to large loads of large files. Transfer speeds were amazing, temperatures were more than reasonable and the drives provided to be a great addon for both casual system users who are simply looking for dump space for all their family pictures, music and videos…and hardcore users looking for drive space to beat up with games, large scale music/video storage and storage for video editing/encoding.


Seagate’s External 4TB Drive

Seagate’s external 4TB drive is just as resilient offering a great solution for those looking for a large-capacity backup solution (at that price…any type of backup solution). As any normal desktop external drive, it is wall powered and attaches via USB (in this case, USB 3.0). It provided to be just as quick and effective as it’s internal brother. For us, it replaced one of our 3TB seagate externals we use for backups and we converted the 3TB into an internal drive for video editing storage. Take note that Windows 7’s built in backup feature doesn’t like native 4k sector drives so we don’t use it. Instead we use Acronis True Image to do file and image backups, and it’s been working great so far.


In all, we are happy with the performance and value that these drives offer. They are something every user could benefit from and afford. We are very capable of buying more in the future and if Seagate ever wants to send us anything, we would love to test it out and review it as well 🙂

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8.5 / 10 stars          

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